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A resident’s comments on the velodrome planning application

Southwark Public Notice of the Velodrome Planning ApplicationHere is the letter from Andy Knox of Village Way about the Velodrome. There is also a letter from Roy Fielding of Village Way on the Southwark Web Site.

Comments regarding Planning application for 104 Burbage Road, London SE24 9HE

My property is 12 Village Way, Dulwich SE21 which backs on to the velodrome. I am lodging the following comments.

Yours faithfully

Andy Knox

1. Lighting – I understand that care has been taken to minimise light spillage and that an assurance has been given that light levels outside the immediate area of the track will be equivalent to “bright moonlight”. Assurances on the light levels and related testing should be built into any approval. Residents should be able to see a demonstration of the lighting before the end of the consultation. New or additional tree screening should be provided for those properties in line of the light spillage.

2. Use, timing, noise

Any approval should be conditional upon the site continuing to be used for cycling related activities with a low impact on amenity, together with the following:

a. The site should not be used before 9am and should be cleared by 9pm.

b. Usage of the site at weekends should be limited to a small number of events ( no more than 5) to be pre notified and with appropriate consultation

c. Noise pollution should be managed closely eg to ensure that any pa systems are high quality, focussed on the inner area and be restricted to information-based announcements not ongoing music. There should be no public announcements or use of pacer bikes after 6pm. Measures of noise levels (including pacer bikes) to be put in place and feedback on this issue to be collected after the first 6 months of extended use.

3. Security: A police survey should be undertaken pre any approval to assure on ongoing security given potential increased public access.

4. Parking – I understand that it is not anticipated that track extension times should lead to an increase in traffic and parking onsite. Assurance should be given in any approval on this and that there will be no change to the existing parking arrangements. A road safety survey is advisable.

5. Works noise – if planning permission is forthcoming all works will be carried out subject to the Estate’s usual works conditions (daytime only, no weekends etc)

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