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Local Meeting regarding Changes to Police Provision, Thameslink Suspension and Primary School Places

The Herne Hill Forum Public meeting on 5th December will address concerns regarding local policing changes, the proposed Thameslink service suspension and primary school places.

The Herne Hill Forum Public meeting takes place on Wednesday, 5th December from 6.55pm at the Herne Hill Baptist Church (at the Corner of Half Moon Lane and Winterbrook Road). The meeting provides residents with the opportunity to hear and lobby our senior police representatives about the planned changes to local police provision (the loss of a local Police station in East Dulwich and the lack of ‘ring fencing’ of provision, which means that our teams can be diverted to local crime hotspots). Chief Superintendent Sutherland will be attend for Southwark (and Superintendent McLaren for Lambeth) to address public concerns about the planned changes to our police teams.

The meeting will also be attended by Val Shawcross (London Assembly Member for Southwark and Lambeth) who will talk about the suspension of the Thameslink through service beyond Blackfriars, and by Councillor Jim Dickson, who will be updating us on responses to residents’ concerns about Primary School Places.

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