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Southwark Council meets with Residents’ Representatives to discuss the Junction of Burbage Road and Dulwich Village

 An onsite meeting was held on November 12th to review safety concerns at the Burbage Road and Dulwich Village junction.

A council team, led by Councillor Barrie Hargrove, met with residents’ representatives to discuss ongoing concerns regarding the junction’s safety. The meeting had a number of positive outcomes, not least a recognition that the present situation is completely unacceptable to residents. We hope that there will be concrete proposals to show to us shortly, but in the meantime we are very keen that details of all near misses and ‘minor’ accidents are passed on to council representatives, as these do not show in the official safety statistics. One such incident recently involved a lorry going the wrong way, entirely around the roundabout.  If you see or hear of any such incidents involving pedestrians, cyclists or vehicles please pass these on to me and copy them to Eamon Doran at Southwark Council, who will be collating them.

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