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Police advice to residents to increase security

Local police made a presentation to residents recently on how to maximie security.

The key police messages are:

–          the importance of house security – windows, doors, esp back entrances, gates, gardens and sheds, and the importance of robust locking mechanisms, ensuring all fences are in a good state of repair and additional measures such as additional height to fences to deter potential burglars.

There is lots of sensible advice accessible from this Met Police page:

–          They advised householders to inform neighbours if they are away over weekends and holidays, and pass on details of alarm keyholders and contact numbers.  If neighbours spot any unusual activity – e.g. intruders in the alleyways or gardens – to phone the police on 999 in an emergency or 101 at other times.  This is really important as perpetrators have been caught like this but also crimes missed because of reluctance to call the police.  Even if it seems trivial, the police want us to call.

–          Virtually all robberies in Southwark involve theft of mobile phones and police advise that we store the IMEI number at home or elsewhere as this number can be used to stop a stolen mobile phone from being used.  The easiest way to obtain your IMEI number is to dial *#06#    The number will come up instantly.

Slides from the police’s presentation are below.

Turney Road RA 13.09.12


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