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Attempted break-in to a neighbour

Last Wednesday, at about 6.50pm (i.e. early evening and not at a time when one would expect something like this to happen) someone rang a neighbour’s doorbell but the neighbour didn’t answer.  The neighbour then heard a loud bang and went to see what had happened.

 It turned out that someone had tried to break in through the front door. They had smashed the stained glass near the Yale lock, obviously intending to put their hand through to open the door but fortunately there was a sheet of laminated glass behind the Edwardian glass so the person couldn’t get in.  However things could have been nasty if that sheet of laminated glass had not been there.

Please be aware that there are people out there looking perhaps for houses where there is little light showing, even at times when we wouldn’t be expecting this kind of thing.  We should try to leave lights on or have security lights in our porches.  Also don’t just rely on a Yale lock but make sure that there is a Chubb or similar lock with the key turned (and not in the lock!).

Please look out for you neighbours especially if they live alone.

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