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School place shortage forecast in Dulwich

There is a continuing shortage of primary school places in our area rising to up to 90 primary places (equivalent of 3 forms) in Dulwich by September 2016.  Shortages affect our neighbouring wards and boroughs such as Lambeth too.   It’s a London wide issue.  What is Southwark doing about it?

Southwark Council assessed every primary school in the borough and have identified 21 primary schools that are capable of being expanded to provide permanent additional places.  These so-called longlisted schools include Dulwich Infants, Dulwich Hamlet and Langbourne (in College Ward).  Southwark is discussing funding options with the Department for Education and the intention is to explore expansion possibilities with each of the schools (from Jan 2013).   Any changes to individual schools will be subject to consultation.

In the meantime temporary expansion classes will be set up at 10 schools to meet the forecast pressure across the borough for places in September 2013.  In our area, Langbourne in College Ward, Dog Kennel Hill in East Dulwich and Bessemer Grange at Dylways near Sunray Avenue will each take an additional 30 reception pupils.

On top of that, new free schools are being explored to create extra places.  There is a proposal for a free school in Southwark – the Judith Kerr Primary School – which could be located in East Dulwich.    Full details are at   Parents may apply for a place in the September 2013 entry by 15 January 2013.   Note there is no final decision as yet for the location of this school.

There has also been a campaign for a new school in East Dulwich and the Harris Federation were asked by councillors whether they will consider applying to open one or more Free Schools in the area to meet the rising demand for primary school places. Discussions continue and if you want to know more please speak to your local councillor, contact details here


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