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The view from the Shard – Hold on to your seats if you suffer from heights!!!

If you failed to get one of Southwark Council’s free tickets to see London from the Shard here is a 360 degree view – just sit (or stand if you are on the tube/train) and enjoy it!

This is excellent photography best viewed on full screen.

You can spend ages (following instructions) viewing the whole of London from The Shard 1016 feet over the London skyline.  It’s Europe’s tallest building to date.
Here it is for you from the comfort of your armchair!

The floors of the Shard are allocated as follows: 2-28 are offices, 31-33 high class restaurants, 34-52 is a 5 star hotel complex,53-65 is residential accommodation and 68-72 are observation lounges.

You can have much fun swinging the view around (as per the screen instructions) zoom in and out traverse 360 deg and see London as never before. Following the long straight rail line approaching and zooming in on the horizon you will see Greenwich and beyond that on the skyline, Shooters Hill and its water tower.

Move cursor or left/right/up down arrows to an all-round view of London.  HOLD ON TO YOUR HATS………..

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