Unprovoked Assault

Police in Southwark are appealing for information following an unprovoked assault at the Elephant and Castle on Sunday 28 October.

Just before 8 am on Sunday 28 October 2012, the 56 year old victim got off of a bus in New Kent Road, as he made his way round to the Elephant and Castle Northern Line underground station two men began making abusive comments towards him. The two suspects then attacked him, punching and kicking him to the floor in a sustained assault until another witness intervened and called police. The two suspects then ran off in the direction of the underground station.

The victim was taken to hospital by London Ambulance Service suffering facial injuries.

Police believe the same two suspects had assaulted another man shortly before this incident, close to the Coronet Club. However a victim is yet to come forward. The suspects are believed to have left a nightclub in nearby Elephant Road shortly before committing the assaults.

Detective Constable Sarah Naisbitt from Southwark CID said, “This was an unprovoked attack which caused the victim painful facial injuries and possible lasting damage to his eye, we are keen to trace any witnesses to this assault as well as anyone who saw the same two men attacking another victim minutes before. Members of the public went to the assistance of both victims, some of whom were also subjected to threats and I’d urge anyone with information to come forward and assist us in arresting these two violent thugs”.

The two suspects are described as follows:

Suspect 1 is a white man, approx 5’10 – 6′ tall. At the time of the offence he was wearing a white shirt and jeans and a dark coloured scarf with gelled back brown hair.

Suspect 2 is a Mediterranean man, approx 5′ 6″. At the time of the offence he was wearing a blazer with elbow pads, white shirt and jeans with very short cropped black hair.

Are you the unidentified victim who was also assaulted? Did you witness either attack? If you saw anything suspicious in the area at the time or have any information about the suspects please contact DC Naisbitt at Southwark CID quoting the unique reference number next to the suspect image on 020 7232 7313 or speak to Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

“What’s happening with The Grove Pub?

The future of The Grove Pub on Dulwich Common at the junction with Lordship Lane is in doubt.  This has been closed since a fire last summer.

The Grove is leased by a pub company from the Dulwich Estate, who own the site.   It appears that the pub company is looking to sell on the lease to another party.  This means that the pub is unlikely to be refurbished and reopened for a considerable while yet.

Since the pub closed, it has been squatted twice and the car park has been fly tipped on a number of occasions and it is very disappointing to see the Grove in its current condition.

Whether you were a customer at the Grove or not, clearly the current situation is not one anyone would want to continue – this pub is so visible it makes the local area look blighted and run down – and this has already been going on for nearly six months.

A petition is under way to ensure the premises are made secure and a long term future for the refurbishment of the building is found as soon as possible.   If you would like to support the petition please contact your ward councillors.  see here for contact details

New primary Free School – September 2013

Judith Kerr Primary School Formal Consultation:

Invitation to participate
As you may be aware, our application to open a new primary Free School in the borough of Southwark in September 2013 has been approved by the Secretary of State.

The school, which will be known as Judith Kerr Primary School, will be a two form entry primary school teaching children aged 4-11 in English and German.

Before signing our Funding Agreement with the Secretary of State to open the school, we are required to undertake a formal consultation exercise. We would like to hear your views regarding our proposed vision and ethos,curriculum, site and admissions criteria. We can consider all feedback provided on or before 8 February 2013, when phase one closes.

Once we have received your feedback and have had an opportunity to respond to it, we will consult on whether we should enter into a Funding Agreement with the Secretary of State. We would welcome your views on this between 15 February and 1 March 2013.

I have attached a copy of our consultation leaflet with this letter.

An electronic version of our consultation questionnaire can be found at www.jkps.org.uk. All feedback should be provided via the website.

We will be hosting two consultation events, open to the general public on Saturday 19th January and Saturday 2nd February in South London, please do come along and meet the team. For further details, please see our website.

Thank you.

With best wishes

Carrie Priest – CfBT Free School Project Manager


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Other UK companies in the CfBT Education Trust Group which are active are:

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Belair Park Ecology Project

This is Belair Park’s initial outline of their ecology project, delineating area and explaining what we have tried to achieve through this community project. It has evolved through several Southwark regimes, each of which has had a different emphasis in the way in which it has responded to the project.
The general form of the area has evolved into that outlined here, but specifics are open to discussion.
Martin Heath, Chair, Friends of Belair Park

Newsletter for Dulwich events, etc

Please see attached newsletter for Dulwich. The newsletter is designed to give information about events and activities for those who live and work in Dulwich.

If you have events or articles of local interest to Dulwich, that you would like included (non commercial), please send to me as far in advance as possible (i.e. 4 – 6 weeks), preferably as a short piece of text and a picture or image.

Dulwich CC Newsletter Jan13
Fitzroy Lewis
Correspondence Address:
Community Council Development Officer for Dulwich| Southwark Council│
Housing & Community Services Dept.│Community Engagement Division│P.O. Box 64529 │London SE1 5LX

Solar Panels – Guidelines

The Dulwich Estate publishes new guidelines on Solar Panels, drawn up with Burbage residents’ involvement

Thanks to the Dulwich Estate which, with The Dulwich Society, undertook a widespread consultation exercise with local residents prior to the drawing up of its new guidelines. Special thanks go to  Burbage Resident Janet Gunn who ran a focus group on this subject and who, together with Angus Hanton, shared her own positive experiences. We hope that this consultative model will be used with other guidelines, as and when they are developed. If you are interested in installing solar energy systems, we can put you in touch with neighbours who have them. The new guidelines, together with many others,  can be viewed on: http://www.dulwichestate.co.uk/som/policy-guidelines/14-solar-energy-panels-and-collectors

Next Dulwich Community Council 30 January

The next Dulwich Community Council will discuss how to ensure more involvement in planning decisions

The next meeting takes place at 7pm on Wednesday, 30th January at Christ Church, 263 Barry Road, Dulwich, SE22 0JT. Details are in the attached newsletter which also contains many other items of local news. The main subject for the DCC, appropriately enough,  will be how we can ensure widespread engagement in the planning process.Dulwich CC Newsletter Jan13

Children to take extra care in the streets

Children must take extra care when coming home independently as a couple of local schoolchildren were approached and intimidated (but not robbed) this afternoon.

Three boys on two bikes (one on the handlebars) – two with hoodies and one wearing a ski mask – stopped and challenged the two schoolchildren about their age as they were walking home at 3.15pm.

The police are aware and no crime was committed but their general approach ( challenging the taller child) and conspicuously covered faces left the schoolchildren uneasy and concerned about what might happen.

Incidents such as this can always be reported by dialling 101, or 999  if a crime occurs.