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Leader of Southwark Council replies to our complaint

Thank you for your email dated 4th of December 2012.  Similar concerns have been raised with me by College Ward councillors.

The decision to move to a more centralised approach to planning was based on a number of factors.  Firstly, we found that we were the unsuccessful respondents in a disproportionate number of planning appeals in respect of matters determined at Community Council planning committees.

Secondly, and more importantly, we did have to find a way to reduce the costs of Community Council meetings following government funding cuts to us as a local authority of nearly £90 million.  In order to achieve the level of savings we required we were forced to centralise the decision-making process.

However, I take on board your point about having some planning meetings in Dulwich and I will look into the possibility of achieving this in 2013.  Similarly, we will undertake a review of all changes to Community Councils in the new year.

With best wishes,

Cllr Peter John
Leader of Southwark Council
Labour Councillor for South Camberwell

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