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Homage to Hepworth

200 people packed the Michael Croft Theatre at Alleyn’s School last Thursday 10th Jan for a wonderful celebratory evening of the Hepworth Bronze sculpture “Two Forms” stolen from Dulwich Park over a year ago on 19/20 December 2011.  Tessa Jowell told the audience that the bronze was beyond price and a fitting replacement would be found, while Southwark councillor Barrie Hargrove said a shortlist of proposals would be announced in June, with the work to be completed next year.

Many thanks are due to Trevor Moore of the Friends of Dulwich Park ( who co-ordinated the evening and the creation of the beautiful dance film celebrating the Hepworth “The Empty Shoes” which can be seen at  Please do take a look at this stunning film shot in Dulwich Park and pass the link on to your friends and contacts.

Many people ask why the bronze cannot be recast, but as Tate Curator, Chris Stephens explained on Thursday, the Hepworth Trustees declared there should be no posthumous recasting of her works.   Now senior figures from the Royal Academy have suggested that given the circumstances of the theft and likely total loss of the original sculpture it would be worth exploring a recasting with the Hepworth Estate and family.  More at

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