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Belair Park Ecology Project

This is Belair Park’s initial outline of their ecology project, delineating area and explaining what we have tried to achieve through this community project. It has evolved through several Southwark regimes, each of which has had a different emphasis in the way in which it has responded to the project.
The general form of the area has evolved into that outlined here, but specifics are open to discussion.
Martin Heath, Chair, Friends of Belair Park
V. Controlled bramble and thistle areas. VI. Hedgerow – woodland margin. VII. Woodland interior habitat. VIII. Logs and wood piles.IV. Lake margins & islands III. Lakeside Walk Overview. II. Management. I. The setting  Belair Ecology Project Title Page 

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It isn’t really clear what this project is about! It has some interesting and important information but what exactly is the project? When did it start and finish? Who is involved and what are the lessons for us?
Linda Smith

Sorry, this is a misunderstanding, caused in part,, I suspect, by my quoting Ecospheres Project as an affiliation..

The Lakeside Wildlife Walk was created by the Friends of Belair Park and an affiliated Belair Wildlife Group and should be so attributed..

The Ecospheres Project is concerned with two things.

1. The search for other habitable planets. I’m proud to say that my colleague Laurance Doyle led the team which discovered the first planet to be orbiting around two suns (although it was not Earth-like).. My own research is focussed on the requirements for a basically Earth-like planet to support complex life.

2.. We recognise that our first and most urgent priority is the planet on which we live. We pursue our commitment to the global environment under the name “Earth Campaign” and through the prime meridian newsletter, which also takes us through the seasons in SE England.

Anyone who wants to satisfy their curiosity can googe Ecospheres Project and get our website.

My thanks to the Turney and Burbage Roads community for their help and support at Belair Park, where I am the Chair of the Friends!

Best wishes, Martin Heath

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