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“What’s happening with The Grove Pub?

The future of The Grove Pub on Dulwich Common at the junction with Lordship Lane is in doubt.  This has been closed since a fire last summer.

The Grove is leased by a pub company from the Dulwich Estate, who own the site.   It appears that the pub company is looking to sell on the lease to another party.  This means that the pub is unlikely to be refurbished and reopened for a considerable while yet.

Since the pub closed, it has been squatted twice and the car park has been fly tipped on a number of occasions and it is very disappointing to see the Grove in its current condition.

Whether you were a customer at the Grove or not, clearly the current situation is not one anyone would want to continue – this pub is so visible it makes the local area look blighted and run down – and this has already been going on for nearly six months.

A petition is under way to ensure the premises are made secure and a long term future for the refurbishment of the building is found as soon as possible.   If you would like to support the petition please contact your ward councillors.  see here for contact details

3 replies on ““What’s happening with The Grove Pub?”

Hi. I am part of a property-guardian company called Fix-Up Co-op. We would be interested in protecting and refurbishing this property untill such time as it is sold or reopened. I have sent an email to the pub company who have the lease. Please get in touch if there is a possibility we can work together to bring this pub into a decent state.

It is very sad to see that the Grove cub has become like a graveyard. This place has cherishable memories in the minds of the people. I would like to suggest you to have this place to be developed for sports bars. This can equally help to regain the old status of the place.

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