Solar Panels – Guidelines

The Dulwich Estate publishes new guidelines on Solar Panels, drawn up with Burbage residents’ involvement

Thanks to the Dulwich Estate which, with The Dulwich Society, undertook a widespread consultation exercise with local residents prior to the drawing up of its new guidelines. Special thanks go to  Burbage Resident Janet Gunn who ran a focus group on this subject and who, together with Angus Hanton, shared her own positive experiences. We hope that this consultative model will be used with other guidelines, as and when they are developed. If you are interested in installing solar energy systems, we can put you in touch with neighbours who have them. The new guidelines, together with many others,  can be viewed on:

Next Dulwich Community Council 30 January

The next Dulwich Community Council will discuss how to ensure more involvement in planning decisions

The next meeting takes place at 7pm on Wednesday, 30th January at Christ Church, 263 Barry Road, Dulwich, SE22 0JT. Details are in the attached newsletter which also contains many other items of local news. The main subject for the DCC, appropriately enough,  will be how we can ensure widespread engagement in the planning process.Dulwich CC Newsletter Jan13

Children to take extra care in the streets

Children must take extra care when coming home independently as a couple of local schoolchildren were approached and intimidated (but not robbed) this afternoon.

Three boys on two bikes (one on the handlebars) – two with hoodies and one wearing a ski mask – stopped and challenged the two schoolchildren about their age as they were walking home at 3.15pm.

The police are aware and no crime was committed but their general approach ( challenging the taller child) and conspicuously covered faces left the schoolchildren uneasy and concerned about what might happen.

Incidents such as this can always be reported by dialling 101, or 999  if a crime occurs.

3,500 responded to the consultation on the Wimbledon Train Loop

The Thameslink Wimbledon train loop has been saved and through trains will continue to run direct from Herne Hill to St Pancras.   

Passengers travelling to central London on the Wimbledon Loop had faced the prospect of having to change trains at Blackfriars Station from 2018 under proposals put forward under the Thameslink Programme. However, after extensive consultation with stakeholders and local rail users, the Department for Transport has worked closely with Network Rail to make sure the route continues to operate as part of Thameslink’s core services. This is fantastic news.  Many thanks to everyone who campaigned for the retention of the direct service, wrote letters and responded to the consultation.   There were 3,500 responses to the consultation and 2,200 in favour of retaining the route so your letters and responses made a difference.

Full details of the announcement are at:

Burbage Road Resurfacing in February – reasons,costs & how

The Burbage resurfacing is programmed to take place between the 11th and 14th February, subject to good weather and unforeseen events [STOP PRESS: Now due to take place 11th – 21st February – see latest]

The Council have confirmed that this will take place in February and not in January, as mistakenly advised in their recent letters to residents. They have apologised for this error which was due to a mix up and will be writing to households to confirm this.  They have also apologised for the difficulty many of us have experienced contacting them for more information about the resurfacing.

In addition to the above letter, which Burbage residents will be receiving shortly, the Council’s contractor normally issues an additional notice/ letter to the specific section(s) of the road to be resurfaced. This notice is issued forty-eight  hours before the actual resurfacing works start on site and involves placing notices on vehicles parked along the carriageway to be resurfaced. The notice is reinforced by the presence of ‘No Parking/ No Waiting’ cones/signage (within the affected section only).

The primary purpose of the works is to resurface the entire length of the carriageway. However if any budget is left over this can be used for limited footway/ trip hazards rectification. BRRA and TRRA will continue to press for much needed improvements to our pavements through this and other means.

In response to our questions about the justification for the works the Council has responded that  all  significant highways/ transport projects in the borough are planned using an ‘objective evaluation and prioritisation ranking system’ which ‘ considers the council’s highways assets and optimises allocation of resources in order to maintain the condition of the asset at the acceptable standard’. The works budget for Burbage Road is £221,184, funded through the Non-principal roads Capital Investment Programme for the 2012/13 financial year. All works under the 2012/13 are to be completed by 31 March 2013. The Council’s overall highways/ transport programme is agreed annually by its Cabinet, including this scheme and its budget. Further information is provided on their website on the following pages:

The Council and their contractors will be writing with contact telephone numbers for those who need more information ( about provision for disabled and business residents, for example) but advise that we can  also use their switchboard for these or any other matters : 020 7525 5000.

Herne Hill Velodrome Trust Planning Committee 29 January

The date for the planning meeting has now been put back to Tuesday, 29th January ( from Tuesday 22nd ). The details are:

Date: 29 January, 2013

Time: 19:00

Venue: Council Offices 160, Tooley Street, London, SE1 2TZ

Following widespread support for the development, especially from the many local cycling, community sports and educational groups which will benefit, the planner’s report will recommend approving the development of a Multi-Use Games Area, Inner Track and Floodlighting.

The details are not yet available, but the report is published on the Southwark web site and can then be accessed via the links below:

Application 12/AP/3196: The report on the application can be viewed on the Council’s web site by following this link.

Application 12/AP/3195: The report on the application can be

viewed on the Council’s web site by following this link.


Turney and Burbage Road Residents’ Associations have worked very hard with the HHVT management team to address as many of residents’ concerns as possible and will be attending the planning meeting on residents’ behalf. Our submission to planners can be seen on: and a schedule of the status of the points raised by us is attached for your information.

Please let us know if you have any additional issues for us to raise at the meeting and it would also be helpful to know if you are planning to go along.