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Southwark’s plans for our roads and winter

The web page below is is part of the Council’s plans for maintenance of our roads this winter and tells us about salt bins and winter gritting routes.  We have bins under Turney rail bridge and also near Burbage Circus.

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Southwark to resurface Burbage Road

We’ve been written to in Burbage to let us know that the road will be resurfaced from 18th January onwards.  Turney residents, from the 18th – 23rd, may find that Burbage residents are parking along the adjoining section of Turney and that it will only be short term. When we have more information we’ll correspond […]

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Policing in Dulwich

Looks like the meeting yesterday at City Hall to discuss policing in Southwark and the provision and closure of police stations is regarded by local representatives who attended as ‘unfair’ and  a ‘shambles’ with ‘mistakes ‘ in the information presented by the police.   Sounds like the proposals for policing are not only disliked by our […]