Intruder at the back of a local house

A resident has asked us to pass on the information that there was an intruder on Wednesday night at the back of their property.

Fortunately it seems that nothing was taken and no entry was forced but residents should be vigilant.  The police are now looking in to the matter as the intruder(s) luckily left some evidence behind.

New date for Southwark to decide on Velodrome development proposals

The Southwark Planning Sub-Committee meets to consider proposals to add flood lighting and to build a Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) and an Inner Track at 7pm on Tuesday 12th February – full details will be issued in due course.    THIS IS A REFERRAL FROM THE ORIGINAL DATE.  BRRA and TRRA will be represented at the planning meeting.

In advance of the planned  developments, Burbage, Turney and Village Way residents met with representatives of the Velodrome’s management team to agree a Code of Conduct which will cover the times of use of the site for cycling, lighting, security,  traffic and noise limitation. This code is attached. The code will be fine-tuned over the coming year and subject to regular review, as is the case with the guidelines which are in place for our other neighbouring sports facilities. Any comments are welcomed by the Chairs of BRRA or TRRA.

A number of additional specific residents’ concerns have also been addressed and the Friends of the Velodrome have offered to pursue tree screening for residents who back on to the site (with the kind support of the Dulwich Society); to improve the safety of the entrance to the Velodrome (through a bid for a Southwark Cleaner Greener Safer Grant) and to investigate alternatives to the use of the Derney Pacer Bikes.

The HHVT have commissioned a prototype of the new lighting which will be set up for us to see on site very shortly and details of this will follow. If you would like to see the actual lighting in current use there is an example visible at a car park at Heathrow airport and details are on the map above.

In the meantime the Velodrome extends a warm welcome to residents wishing to use the facilities: The HHV Track Event calendar 2013 is a schedule of all the key events planned for this forthcoming season so that you are aware of when noise, parking and other disruption is likely to occur.

HHVT with residents, Code of Conduct, 10th January 2013 PDF

HHVT Status of residents’ concerns at 10th January 2013 PDF

Heathrow Car Park pdf

Southwark’s plans for our roads and winter

The web page below is is part of the Council’s plans for maintenance of our roads this winter and tells us about salt bins and winter gritting routes.  We have bins under Turney rail bridge and also near Burbage Circus.

Southwark to resurface Burbage Road

We’ve been written to in Burbage to let us know that the road will be resurfaced from 18th January onwards.  Turney residents, from the 18th – 23rd, may find that Burbage residents are parking along the adjoining section of Turney and that it will only be short term. When we have more information we’ll correspond with Burbage Residents to ask them to take care with driveways and school entrances etc…

Policing in Dulwich

Looks like the meeting yesterday at City Hall to discuss policing in Southwark and the provision and closure of police stations is regarded by local representatives who attended as ‘unfair’ and  a ‘shambles’ with ‘mistakes ‘ in the information presented by the police.   Sounds like the proposals for policing are not only disliked by our representatives but are also regarded as badly considered on inaccurate information.

Follow our TWITTER feed to keep up with this developing story.  It’s pretty important given our concerns about burglaries and street crime.

Let’s hope we are kept informed about what will happen on numbers of police and allocation of their time and whether we shall lose our police station in Dulwich.