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Key points from the Village Safer Neighbourhood Panel on 6 February.

Latest crime figures suggest monthly hotspots keep changing.  Knife crime and threat of knife crime appear in the stats and Southwark has a poor record on knife crime.

“Immobilise” is a public database to which anyone can upload any property information. The police always check against this database when they recover stolen property. Please consider registering your valuable property on

The IMEI number for phones is useful to keep noted in a safe place (not on the phone)  as it can be used to block a stolen phone.   Find your IMEI by entering *#06# onto the keypad of most phones.

Speeding offences – speed cameras have been in use recently at hotspots; traffic surveys are being planned in the near future; Safer Routes to School undertakes community level activity to decrease speeding along school routes.  Gallery Road is one of the particularly troubling roads for speeding.

Troubled by rude or aggressive house callers?  Police advise us to call 101 to report nuisance callers.

The proposed East Dulwich police station closure generated considerable discussion and the councillors urged as many as possible to respond to the Mayor’s survey regarding local policing; the closing date for this survey is 6th March 2013; we have evidence that local action and lots of petitions/signatures works (eg: the recent success in saving the Wimbledon loop line from closure).

Local stakeholders are investigating alternative sites for a local police base.

Remember to call 999 in an emergency and 101 for non-emergency reports.

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