Key points from the Village Safer Neighbourhood Panel on 6 February.

Latest crime figures suggest monthly hotspots keep changing.  Knife crime and threat of knife crime appear in the stats and Southwark has a poor record on knife crime.

“Immobilise” is a public database to which anyone can upload any property information. The police always check against this database when they recover stolen property. Please consider registering your valuable property on

The IMEI number for phones is useful to keep noted in a safe place (not on the phone)  as it can be used to block a stolen phone.   Find your IMEI by entering *#06# onto the keypad of most phones.

Speeding offences – speed cameras have been in use recently at hotspots; traffic surveys are being planned in the near future; Safer Routes to School undertakes community level activity to decrease speeding along school routes.  Gallery Road is one of the particularly troubling roads for speeding.

Troubled by rude or aggressive house callers?  Police advise us to call 101 to report nuisance callers.

The proposed East Dulwich police station closure generated considerable discussion and the councillors urged as many as possible to respond to the Mayor’s survey regarding local policing; the closing date for this survey is 6th March 2013; we have evidence that local action and lots of petitions/signatures works (eg: the recent success in saving the Wimbledon loop line from closure).

Local stakeholders are investigating alternative sites for a local police base.

Remember to call 999 in an emergency and 101 for non-emergency reports.

Urban Foxes in Dulwich

Are you having problems with urban foxes?  Many of you will have read about the fox attacking a baby in South London in its bedroom.  Horrifying but we’re glad to hear the baby is on the mend.   The Mayor and others are demanding action be taken.  Here is the advice from Southwark Council at  We would like to hear from anyone having problems with local foxes – please drop us a note via the “Contact Page”.

Latest from Southwark Council on the Burbage resurfacing and road closures (dated 7 Feb)

Resurfacing of Burbage Road will take place between 11th and 21st February.

Work on Burbage Road, will be carried out in 4 stages. Traffic Marshals will be deployed to each Junction to monitor Traffic.

1)      Burbage Road jw Dulwich Village to Turney Road. Work will be carried out under road closure, between 11th Feb and 12th Feb 2013.

2)      Burbage Road jw Turney Road to Stradella Road.  Work will be carried out under road closure, between 13th Feb and 15th Feb 2013.

3)      Burbage Road jw Stradella Road to Half Moon Lane.  Work will be carried out under road closure, between 18th Feb and 20th Feb 2013.

4)      Table at Burbage Road jw Turney Road.  Work will be carried out under four-way traffic lights, between 20th Feb and 21st Feb 2013.

All existing humps will be replaced at same location with 100mm sinusoidal humps.

Southwark Residents get preview of the Shard viewing galleries!

Lucky Southwark residents including some from Turney and Burbage were fortunate to get a preview of a “View from the Shard” in late January.  Super fast lifts take you to the 68th viewing gallery where you get a fantastic 360 degree, never seen before, view of London from the tallest building in Western Europe.  You can also pop up to the 72nd floor which is partly open to the elements for additional viewing.  An amazing experience.

See our photos of London landmarks such as the City, Tower Bridge, Canary Wharf, the winding River Thames, St Paul’s, also the 72nd floor taken on Sunday 27th Jan 2013 on a lovely January afternoon.

The Shard opened officially on February 1st  2013.  Full details and tickets at

The City from the Shard.  27 Jan 2013.
The City from the Shard. 27 Jan 2013.
Open to the elements on the top floor of the Shard.
Open to the elements on the top floor of the Shard.
St Paul's from the Shard
St Paul’s from the Shard
Tower Bridge, Thames and Canary Wharf from the Shard.
Tower Bridge, Thames and Canary Wharf from the Shard.

New Sculpture for Dulwich Park

February 2012   
Southwark Council shortlists artists for commission of the Dulwich Park artwork.  The commissioning process for the new sculpture for Dulwich Park has gained momentum with the announcement of the four shortlisted artists.Recent winner of the prestigious Zurich Art Prize, Ryan Gander; Turner Prize nominee in 2003, Anya Galaccio; Conrad Shawcross whose work “Metamorphosis: Titian 2012” was commissioned as part of the Cultural Olympiad’s London 2012 Festival; and internationally acclaimed Eva Rothschild have been selected.

Following the theft of the Barbara Hepworth sculpture from Dulwich Park in 2011, a steering group made up of Southwark Council representatives and members of Dulwich community groups was set up to oversee the commission of a new artwork for the park. The steering group have been working alongside the Contemporary Art Society, who were appointed last year to manage the artist commissioning process.

The selected artists now have a period of three months to develop their design proposal. Following this, a public consultation will be held in June 2013 to gauge opinion on each of the art work proposals. Details of the locations for public consultations will be made available in April.

Each artist will be judged on their ability to meet the commissioning principles agreed by both the steering group and the Contemporary Art Society ahead of the public consultation.

Commissioning principles:

Responsive to Context

The commission process for Dulwich Park should allow time for artists to engage with the Park, its history, its landscape and the communities who enjoy it. Setting an inspiring brief for the commission that encourages the artist to interpret the context sets the scene for a remarkable and responsive commission to emerge.

2. Providing an Experience of the Park

There is an opportunity to develop an artwork that provides new ways of appreciating the park – and that engages audiences dynamically.

3. A Legacy for Hepworth

The commission ultimately should represent the highest quality contemporary art, achieved by working with professional and critically endorsed artists and valuing the creative response.

4. Best Practice

As a public project it is important that the process reflects best practice commissioning guidelines. The commission should be delivered through transparent and accountable procurement processes, reflecting the necessity for a robust and sustainable artwork, managed to a high standard throughout and communicated via sensitive public engagement.

For more information please contact Rebecca Towers at Southwark Council at  rebecca.towers or call 0207 525 000