Makers, artists and artisans in Dulwich – The Curious Exchange needs you!

Makers, artists and artisans in South Southwark – The Curious Exchange needs you!



Do you make things? Do you live or work in the East Dulwich, Dulwich Village and College wards?

You are welcome to contribute!

The Curious Exchange engages local people; makers, artisans and artists, in ideas around community, value, exchange and reciprocity.


The Curious Exchange will be in a pop-up shop in the original entrance to Dulwich Leisure Centre. Over 150 makers / artists are invited to bring a made object, to be placed by the curators Jane Millar and Fran Burden, in a Cabinet of Curiosities style display. All the works brought and exchanged will be documented to create a permanent record of the collection.


While the Exchange is open, anyone can bring an object they have made and will be invited to exchange it for something from the display that they consider to be of equal value to their object. The display will be constantly changing and there will be no money involved!


When the Exchange closes, the original 150 makers are invited to come and take an object of their choice back from the display.


The Curious Exchange will be open for business from Friday 10 May to Sunday 19 May at Dulwich Leisure Centre (original entrance), East Dulwich Road, SE22

What can I submit?

The Exchange can only accept something that you have made. It must be no bigger than 20 x 20 cms in any dimension. All media and techniques are invited, with the exceptions of perishable foodstuff and photography. Objects / images where photography is part of their making are welcome.

When should I bring it in?

All makers wishing to be in the opening display will need to book in a time to bring their work in person to the Exchange on Sat 4th and Sun 5th of May 2013. The curators reserve the right to refuse any object that they consider does not meet the conditions above.

Please bear in mind that your object may be exchanged, but you can choose an object in return from the final display.

Follow the Curious Exchange on and on twitter @sitecurious

The Curious Exchange is  part of a programme of events being funded and delivered by Southwark Council in south Southwark during 2013.  This programme has been developed in partnership with Dulwich Society, Dulwich Park Friends, Dulwich Festival,  Pavilion Café, local ward councillors and residents.

Jane Millar is based in West Norwood and is a practising artist, curator and lecturer.  She has exhibited nationally and internationally as a solo exhibitor and selected for group exhibitions.  In 2012 Jane curated Curious: A site- specific art trail in West Norwood Cemetery involving 24 artists.  She has collaborated on a number of artists’ books and developed and curated “FOLD: The Newspaper of the Unconscious”

Further details about the Southwark Events in Dulwich in 2013 are here

Southwark Events at the Dulwich Festival – London Life – May 2013

Dulwich Festival       10 to 19 May 2013

Pedal pulled art, moving sculptures and a host of curiosities will all be coming to Dulwich this May.  To celebrate the 20th Dulwich Festival, Southwark Council has created London Life, a series of innovative live art events celebrating the heritage and people of south Southwark.

The Culture Cart (12, 18 & 19 May, various venues)

A hand-crafted, cart, drawn by an English gentleman on a vintage bicycle will travel around Dulwich hosting a range of printing workshops, inspired by Dulwich’s historical and cultural heritage.

The Curious Exchange (10 to 19 May, East Dulwich)

Artists and makers are invited to give something they’ve made to be displayed in a cabinet of curiosities.  Each contributor can then exchange their object for someone else’s creation. The Curious Exchange will be open to view throughout the festival.   Details on how to contribute a work of art are here

Build Your Worlds (19 May, Dulwich Park Fair)

Bringing people of all ages together in a vibrant celebratory performance, Build Your Worlds features over 200 local people working together to create musical buildings, dancing paintings and moving sculptures.

They Are Coming… (11 to 19 May, Dulwich Library)

Who? What? Why? We could tell you, but that would spoil the surprise.

The festival also includes a lively walks and talks programme, the popular Festival Fair on Goose Green (12 May) and Dulwich Park Fair (19 May), as well as the much-loved Artists’ Open House programme.  A street art festival with internationally renowned artists will enliven the streets of Dulwich with large murals re-imagining famous paintings from Dulwich Picture Gallery.

The events delivered by Southwark Council have been developed in partnership with Dulwich Society, Dulwich Park Friends, Dulwich Festival, Pavilion Café, local councillors and residents.

For more information, visit

Village road works – latest

I hope the situation is better for everyon.  Here is the latest email exchange:
On 2 Mar 2013, at 13:06, “Jansari, Himanshu” <> wrote:

Dear Councillor Robin,

Thanks for your e mail and raising concerns about beeping noise at East Dulwich Grove Jw Red Post Hill. I’d liaised with Peter Suggett (Contract Manager) and following measures were in place prior to resurfacing on last night:

    • All breaks out around iron work will be carried out using a w350 planer, to minimise noise and duration

    • All milling will be completed by mid night; we anticipate all works to be completed by mid night

  • All plant and transport will have white sound reversing aid

Please see below e-mail from Peter Flaherty confirming that work went very well last night (Saturday, 2nd March)

Majority (more than 90%) of work at junction completed on East Dulwich Grove/Red Post hill.

Also there was a water leakage at East Dulwich Grove Jw Dulwich Village since 27th Feb 2013. Though I reported to Thames Water numerous times, they haven’t resolved the leakage yet.

I would like to inform you that due to ongoing leakage issue at East Dulwich Grove Jw Dulwich Village that particular section has been left untreated. Remaining work will be carried out with Temp Traffic light to avoid further disruption to road users.

When Thames Water resolves water leakage then I’ll inform key stakeholders about resuming remaining section of work.

Hope it will alleviate all your concerns!!

Kind Regards,


Sent: 02 March 2013 11:20
To: Crookshank Hilton, Robin
Subject: Re: carriageway resurfacing

Dear Robin
Yes it was much better. Nobody  told me that anything was being done, but I was able to sleep last night. They also finished much earlier. The bleeping appeared to be much less than the previous two nights.

How was the noise last night?

Our Councillor wants to know about noise from the Village road works.  Send her a reply.
On 2 Mar 2013, at 11:02, “Crookshank Hilton, Robin” <> wrote:

Hi Himanshu… we’re still getting complaints about the beeping!

It’s Saturday morning as I type this, can someone let me know if last night was any better??

Cllr Robin Crookshank Hilton
Phone:- 020 8613 6046

‘Urgent action’ needed on playground air quality

Campaigners want action on air pollution around London schools following suggestions from the Mayor’s office that children should stay away from playgrounds during smog episodes

London Assembly members and campaigners have called for action on air pollution following suggestions from the London Mayor’s environment advisor that children should be kept away from playgrounds during bad smog episodes.

In an interview on London FM radio station LBC on Wednesday (February 27), the London Mayor’s environment and political advisor Matthew Pencharz said it may be “sensible” for children to avoid being in the playground in areas of high smog.

See more at: