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Burbage’s civilian casualties of World War II remembered on Saturday 13th April at noon

Burbage WWII memorial plaque

The Dulwich Society unveiled a plaque to World War II victims of BURBAGE ROAD on Saturday, 13th April  at 12 noon at the junction of Burbage Road and Turney Road. This commemorates those at number 9, Burbage Road killed in an air raid on 17th,  April 1941 (ELIZABETH FEAVER 59, FREDERICK FEAVER 56, JOAN FEAVER 17, RAYMOND FEAVER 18) and those killed by a V1 flying bomb on 22nd,  June 1944 in the row of houses between the entrance to the Velodrome and Turney Road ( WALTER BOUTALL 55, HENRY DUCK 63, KATE DUCK 59, BARBARA WILSON 23). The current edition of the Society’s journal features an article about these air raids and the other sites in our area being marked in the same way, including a moving poem by Alan Woodfield.

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