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Mayor of London’s policing proposals for Dulwich – Message from Tessa Jowell MP

It was announced in the Mayor’s Police and Crime Plan yesterday that, contrary to the initial proposals, Gipsy Hill Police Station has been saved as a base to secure cross borough policing. East Dulwich Police Station is, as expected, to close permanently although a police contact point is expected to be maintained at Dulwich Library on Lordship Lane. The Kingswood Office on Seeley Drive is also to be retained as a contact point. This is good news for the local communities that these facilities will serve but there is still a great deal of work to be done. You can find full details of what has been announced here:




Overall Source:


Gipsy Hill Police Station is to remain open as a ‘contact point’ thanks to the many residents and community groups in the Crystal Palace Triangle area who refused to take no for an answer. The Mayor has accepted the cross borough approach to policing in this area and this decision also means that Safer Neighbourhood Teams will continue to work out of Gipsy Hill Police Station. This will come as a great relief to the local community.

I am delighted that the Mayor has taken seriously the extensive survey I undertook and the case made by community organisations, and that he has recognised the sense of security that people in Gipsy Hill get from the presence of the Gipsy Hill Police Station. I pay the warmest tribute to people like David Green and others in the community who have worked so hard to help put together such a constructive and well supported proposal.

I will be urging the Met to work with Southwark to make use of the £750,000 the Council have committed to facilitating community safety in the borough and their willingness to be flexible on planning consent. There is clear support for the police to maintain a presence in East Dulwich and we must make sure the Mayor’s intention is followed through effectively and that our SNTs are as close as possible to the ward they serve. I welcome the intention to maintain a point of public access on Lordship Lane but reserve judgement on the adequacy of the proposal until Southwark, working with the Met and the Mayor, have come up with a firmer proposition.

Thank you for your support on these issues and to all those who have worked to help bring about this progress so far.

With best wishes,


Tessa Jowell MP


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