New Primary Schools opening in Dulwich

Two new Primary Schools are due to open in our area which will help to alleviate the school place shortage locally.

Judith Kerr Free School

A new bilingual free primary school – the Judith Kerr Free School  – is to open in Herne Hill, SE24 from September 2013.   The latest news is at

From their 21st May newsletter:

“We have been working exceptionally hard over the last couple of weeks to close a premises transaction, and are now delighted to be able to tell you that – subject to legal formalities – EFA have reached an agreement to acquire what will be the school’s permanent site from this coming September.

EFA, CfBT and the other parties to the transaction will issue a joint press release in the next few days, and until then we are not able to announce full details about the site.  However, we can say that we will be opening in the Herne Hill / SE24 area.  A complete package about the building, grounds, and our plans for them, including pictures, will be on our website as soon as possible.  We’ll hope to organise some site tours during the summer.”


Harris Primary Free School East Dulwich

It has been announced today (22nd May 2013) that Harris Primary Free School East Dulwich has been approved to the pre-opening stage for opening in Sept 2014 and beyond.   Press Release at   Full details of the new free schools are at

No details as to the location of the school site as yet.




Anthony Shoring at KFH discusses the local property market in Dulwich Village

This is the first of  a series of updates on the local property market. 

Anthony Shoring, Sales Manager at Kinleigh Folkard & Hayward’s Dulwich Village branch, discusses the local property market:

Anthony Shoring, Sales Manager, KFH
Anthony Shoring, Sales Manager, KFH

“The property market in Dulwich Village is performing phenomenally well at the moment. Prices have risen by approximately 10% in the past 12 months and as a result of a shortage of stock, those homes which are on the market are often attracting multiple bids with many achieving over and above asking price. It’s safe to say that as we enter the summer months, this level of activity will only intensify and in my opinion, now is a great time to sell.

“Both Turney and Burbage Roads are extremely sought after for a variety of reasons but chiefly because they back onto sports fields and green spaces while also falling under the catchment of many of the area’s best local schools. In addition, both sit within the heart of the village, with Dulwich Village road and its assortment of restaurants and amenities a few minutes’ walk away. As a result, the streets do tend to attract a premium of approximately 10 -12%.

“Since the start of the year, every property we’ve sold on either Turney or Burbage Road has achieved a record price and open days are very much the ‘trend du jour’ to ensure that all potential purchasers have an equal and fair opportunity to view. Downsizing to a smaller property within Dulwich Village has also become increasingly popular – with many of the homes on these streets offering in excess of 1,500sqft, they are often suited to larger families and so when all children have flown the nest, we see many of these enter the market again. Although Dulwich is known for its larger homes, there are opportunities for properties with between two and four bedrooms and the key here really is to allow a bit of time for these to be sourced. Streets such as Mitchell’s Place, Boxall Road and Aysgarth Road among others tend to be incredibly popular among downsizers who are keen to stay in the village, while those who don’t mind looking a little further afield usually enjoy West Dulwich’s similar village atmosphere and here streets such as Cokers Lane, Walkerscroft Mead and Acacia Grove to name a few will usually offer just the thing. Speaking to your agent in advance can often help the process, and increasingly we’re seeing that developers are now targeting areas in and around Dulwich and so we’re seeing more townhouses and luxury apartments on offer which can be ideal for a more ‘lock up and go’ lifestyle.

“With many of the properties in Dulwich priced at above £1million, there was concern when the recent stamp duty increases were announced, with many fearing a resulting effect on the local property market. This has generally failed to materialise however as the majority of homes are priced below the £2million threshold. Those above it tend to be priced quite a bit higher than 2million and so what it means is that there is a general lack of stock between the £2million to £2.25million price range.”


Cakes! Cakes! Cakes! Dulwich Village Cake Sale, Sunday 19th May 1pm in aid of BHF

The fabulous Dulwich Village Cake Sale in aid of the British Heart Foundation is on Sunday 19th May at 1pm at 115 Dulwich Village, now in its 7th year.  Don’t miss it.  I have been reliably informed that you need to get there before 1pm and queue!   If you want to donate a cake, please email

Full details are on



Turney and Burbage 14th Annual Summer Party in June

Dear Neighbours

You should all have received a poster for our Annual Summer Party in June.

Full details of date, location and pricing are available from your ticket seller who will call to see you in the next few weeks.

Concessions are available for smaller households and guests are very welcome.

We are collecting donations for the two Residents’ Associations as we sell tickets; we don’t raise funds  by any other means and currently rely heavily on the generosity of Committee Members for printing, web costs,  subscriptions and other expenses.

If you have not received a visit from a ticket seller, please contact us on this web site via the Contact page here …

Here is the main programme:

Party Programme
Party Programme

Open Garden May 12th 2-5pm

15a Sydenham Hill SE26 6SH

Entrance £3, under 12s free.

This is an unusual and delightful hillside garden with lawns and beds descending to a woodland area full of rhododendrons, azaleas and other shade-loving plants which, with the bulbs, will be in full flower. This area is relatively new, having been redesigned and planted over the past five years, and is a good example of what can be achieved in a few years. There are many interesting plants and the owner, Sue Marsh, will be on hand to identify plants and talk about the inspiration for the development of the garden.

Tea and cakes will be on sale and all proceeds will go to Paxton Green Time Bank.

To learn about time banking and Paxton Green TB in particular, visit

There is unlimited parking on Sydenham Hill.

Limited wheelchair access due to slopes and steps. No dogs, please.

Open Garden May 12th – for full information

Paxton Green Time Bank, Kingswood House, Seeley Drive, Kingswood Estate, Dulwich, SE21 8QR, 020 8670 0990


Limited company number 6707365, charity number 1132577

The ‘Greening’ of Turney Road

At the Turney Road Residents Association AGM, a number of residents spoke of their concern at the loss of planting, hedging and ‘greenery’ in the Road and the growth of non-porous hard surfaces, largely for multiple car parking.

Their concerns revolved around two issues: increased exposure to flood damage from loss of run-off but also the loss of green space and planting -an important amenity for us all. As one person said ‘’if everyone paved over their front with no green at all, Turney Road would look awful, so those who have done this are relying on others to maintain the street environment.“

A recent article in SE21 magazine reported : “ according to the London Assembly, the area of front gardens in London being paved over is equivalent to 22 Hyde Parks or 5,200 football pitches”!!

We undertook to have a look at this issue and to work with others in the Road to suggest what could be done to maintain and improve our environment.

The Dulwich Estate ‘Rules’.

The Dulwich Estate Management Scheme has a number of rules and guidelines about what they call ‘The Public Realm’.

The guidelines state that front gardens should be at least 50% planted, with fences or hedges maintained, including those between properties. Most houses in the street are in breach of both of these. You can view the guidelines as follows:

Turney Road is also in the Dulwich Village Conservation Area and Conservation Area guidelines apply. You can view these at:

Turney Road falls into sub-Area5 and sub –Area 3.

The guidelines on front gardens and materials are mentioned in part 3 of the document  paras 5.2.2, 5.2.3, 5.3.

The Draft Dulwich Supplementary Planning Document is currently being consulted on and is available to view :

Sections 6.8.2-6.8.4 refer to paving over of gardens, which is considered “unacceptable”.

Over the years there has been a lack of enforcement and it is probably not practical to insist strictly on the guideline in retrospect. Most of the loss of planting has been due to the development of hard standing for cars.

However, the Estate, as part of its management plan, is concerned to halt the future development of hard-standing, to enforce the guidelines for any new development and to take every opportunity to re-instate  planting.

For instance, when a property is sold, they will make the vendor and purchaser aware of any breach of the guidelines, request a plan for rectification and a timetable for this.

In addition, permission for development of any sort (including extensions and loft extensions) will be conditional on rectification of a breach in the guidelines.

We should all be concerned about this issue, however, and as a community, try to do whatever we can to increase planting and develop more green spaces.

As a Residents Association, we are keen to assist with ideas and also by being vigilant about any further loss of planting.

There are already a number of good examples in the Road of imaginative re-instatement of planted areas that also incorporate some space for car parking.

Some residents have used sympathetic designers who have worked with the need to park a car but at the same time introduce more planting.

We will be asking one or two of these designers to give us some practical ideas and tips on the website to encourage everyone to think again about what they can do.

We will also be surveying the Road to estimate more accurately the size of the problem as a baseline, to encourage everyone to make some improvements and to see how far we can improve our environment over the next few years.

So, what can you do?

  • If you are considering changes to your front garden, consider how to include more planting and how you can re-instate at least some garden.
  • Have a look at some of the new gardens that have made imaginative  improvements.
  • If its difficult to substantially increase green areas at the moment, think about tubs and pots, hedging and planting along fences to bring in more green
  • If car parking is a difficult issue for you, then consider ways of retaining car space while introducing more porous materials or leaving gaps in paving to allow water drainage. Even better, introduce some green under your car area.
  • Re-instate fencing and borders along the boundary with your neighbour and consider growing creeping plants along this.

Look out for future news and articles and advice on the website.

Hopefully now Summer is at last here, you’ll feel inspired to think about your front garden as well as your back garden and improve the ‘public realm’ of Turney Road. So get planting!!

At the Summer Party on June 21st, gardener Tony Pizzoferro will be giving a demonstration so look out for this.

Missing much loved cat, Zippy (7/5/2013). Returned home August 2013

Sadly much loved local cat Zippy has been missing from his home in Turney for 8 days.  Zippy is a neutered tom tabby with white socks and answers to “Zip” or “Zippy”.  His photo is below.  If you come across him in your gardens or sheds, please contact 07504 282830.  Posted 7/5/2013

One of our many Turney cats
Missing Zippy – May 2013

Happily Zippy has now returned home.  He was was a bit bedraggled and torn after what must have been a great adventure, but otherwise well.

They are coming….. They are here…..

They Are Coming…


Croxted Rd scarecrows Dulwich Village Crossroads scarecrows Golf Course scarecrows William Rose scarecrows


Saturday 11 to Sunday 19 May During library opening hours
Dulwich Library, 368 Lordship Lane, SE22 8NB

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Have you seen them? Do you know who they are or where they have come from?

From across south Southwark ‘They’ have come together at Dulwich Library for this unusual and intriguing installation.

Experience the stories behind the mystery of the moving scarecrows, discover who they represent, and listen to eye witness accounts. For a limited time only we reveal who made them, who gave them life and you can see with your own eyes their remarkable journey.

‘They are coming…’ is the culmination of a project spanning many months and involving approximately 400 local residents, makers, writers, artists, movers, historians, community groups, retirement homes, colleges, school children, teachers and governors.

Thank you to everyone involved, including the makers and the movers from Whippersnappers, Dulwich Library adult craft group, Southwark Woodcraft Folk, St. Johns’ and St. Clements Primary School, Dulwich Wood Nursery School, Stepping Stones, Dulwich Family Group and Alleyn’s Junior School.

This project has been created by Sometime Soon Arts.

Find out more about their incredible journey on Twitter @theyarecomingSE, or on Storify.

About the artists

Sometime Soon Arts is a performance arts company in the broadest possible sense, specialising in creating bespoke site specific events, with a particular interest in immersion within a specified community.

The company have extensive experience working with communities and are interested in their lives from past to present, and indeed possible futures.

London Life is a programme of events being funded and delivered by Southwark Council working with Dulwich Festival to celebrate its 20th anniversary.