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Residents’ Guidelines for the Dulwich Sports Ground (Southwark Community Sports Trust)




Southwark Community Sports Trust has now taken over management responsibility for the sports grounds which is now known as The Dulwich Sports Ground.

Southwark Community Sports Trust operates on an entirely voluntary basis and was established to ensure the continued operation of the playing fields. The intention of the former tenants (LSBU) was to leave the grounds fallow for the remainder of the lease. This could have had potentially very serious consequences but a consortium of user sports clubs was formed to manage the facility with active support from the residents associations.

These guidelines are prepared in consultation with the Turney Road Residents’ Association on the simple basis of good neighbourliness, co-operation and mutual respect and should be used with common sense.

As a reminder residents do not have an automatic right to access the field as it is a private ground, however over the years common sense by the residents and agreement with the LSBU and now with the SCST has allowed sensible access.

This sensible and respectful access has benefited residents for many years.  So we are asking for this not to be abused. All residents, particularly new residents are asked to ensure that they, their children and guests understand and abide by the guidelines for the use of the grounds. It is in the interest of the Trust, the residents and all users of the facilities to ensure that the security of the grounds is paramount to which end there is a mutual responsibility to assist with this.  Overall we ask you to be mindful of the purpose of the site as a sports ground and behave accordingly and with respect for this fact.

Contact details of nominated Directors of the Trust in case of incident or emergency

John Smith – 07831 638775

Stuart McKee – 07506 834598

John Howard –  07801 890759


All residents are respectfully asked to keep to these guidelines and to help the Directors of the Trust  preserve this valuable amenity for our mutual benefit.  Parents – please ensure that your teenage children read these guidelines.





Issued 1st May 2013 (v2)


  • Please respect and carry out the instructions and suggestions of the Directors of the Trust at all times regarding access to and use of the ground. Their decisions are final.
  • If you see any vandalism, anything suspicious, or have concerns about anyone who appears to be causing trouble or noise immediately contact the police (999) and / or any one the Directors of the Trust (contact details above) .
  • Please keep quiet when passing the pavilion, outbuildings and car park.
  • Please supervise your children or leave them in the charge of an older child who understands, and is capable of working within these guidelines.
  • Please collect your children’s bats, balls etc, when they have finished playing.
  • Please use the numerous rubbish bins that are on the grounds
  • Dogs should be kept on leads at all times whilst walking on the grounds. The Trust has afforded access to BelairPark (see below) for residents who wish to unleash their dogs. Please ensure that dogs do not stray onto the playing areas or put other users at risk and please ensure that the poop is scooped.
  • Please keep away from areas of the grounds where contractors are working. It is preferred if residents are not on the field whilst it is being mown or prepared for games (contractors because of their health and safety responsibilities may refuse to work should there be people on the field)
  • When the field is being used by the club or its members please ensure children play well away from the areas in use.
  • Please treat the facilities with respect and ensure that you, your guests and your children do not:

a) behave in ways likely to cause offence or damage

b) play on cricket squares, goalmouths or near buildings and equipment

c) climb over the frames protecting goal areas or cricket pitches

d) climb on machinery, cricket score boxes or sightscreens

e) climb over residents’ fences to retrieve lost balls or equipment – you will need to call at a

    resident’s front door to retrieve lost items.

  • Please do not bring vehicles onto the field except where agreed with the Trust
  • Bicycles should not be used on the field except in a limited fashion at the edge of the field
  • Please collect any litter you drop and do not start any fires




Southwark Community Sports Trust is constituted as a Community Interest Company (C.I.C) operated as a Company Limited by Guarantee (company number 7366764). The Trust operates on an entirely voluntary basis and on a not for profit basis. The Trust however does operate on a commercial basis with any surpluses either being reinvested in the facilities or being retained as reserves for the long term future of the facilities.

The grounds are leased from the Dulwich Estate thus the Trust is duty bound to respect the terms of this lease and in any matters arising the terms of the lease will have precedence over the guidelines.

Should any resident wish to volunteer some time in assisting the Trust in the operation and management of the grounds and facilities please contact any of the Directors who would be happy to discuss this.

  • The Trust is aware of the problems for residents caused by some of the players and spectators legitimately using the field. We issue Rules of Operation to the organisations using the field and ask for regular or extreme violations to be reported to the Trust. Whilst trying our best it is not always possible to curb some of the language and behaviour of some of the players especially those who are visitors to the ground.
  • The Trust will notify the Residents Association of any major events it intends to hold that may cause an increase in traffic to the      grounds giving 7 days notice to this effect. This is a statutory obligation under the terms of the Liquor Licence for licence extension but      other events may be organised that the Trust, in its discretion, will notify the Residents Association.
  • The Trust’s facilities and grounds are available for hire by the  residents for private function or events organised by the Residents’ Association  at preferential rates or as otherwise agreed with the Trust. Please contact any one of the Directors if you wish to host either a function or  a formal game of sport and the Trust will be happy to discuss arrangements
  • The Trust offers social membership to residents (bona fide members of the Turney   Road and Burbage Road Resident’s Associations) for £20 per annum. This will entitle residents to:
  • use the bar facilities located in the Pavilion when they are open,
  • a key to the gate connecting the grounds to BelairPark and
  • preferential rates for use of the grounds and facilities.
  • the right to attend the Annual General Meeting of the Trust to be held in March of each year.

To obtain membership please complete the form below. Upon receipt we will arrange delivery of the key to the gate to BelairPark.

With regard to the issuance of keys to Belair Park there is a paramount responsibility on behalf of residents to ensure that the gate is locked when passing to and from the Park. Any single act of neglect in this respect will result in the locks being changed and this privilege being revoked in its entirety.


  • The Trust will notify the Residents’ Association of any repeated transgression of these guidelines by residents or their children.
  • In the event that these guidelines being ignored or abused the Trust will accept no liability for any injury or damage caused.


Southwark Community Sports Trust 

Application for Social Membership


First Name: _________________________________




Post Code:______________________________________

Phone Number:___________________________________

e-mail address:___________________________________

Please enclose a cheque payable to:

Southwark Community Sports Trust in the amount of £20. This payment for membership includes the following:

– use the bar facilities located in the Pavilion when they are open,

– a key to the gate connecting the grounds to BelairPark

– preferential rates for use of the grounds and facilities.

– the right to attend the Annual General Meeting of the Trust to be held in March of each year.

Membership will be renewable annually in September of each year.

Please return to by post to:

Stuart McKee

Southwark Community Sports Trust

c/o 44   Grecian Crescent

London, SE19   3HH

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