Successful charity fund raising through plant sales at 127 Turney Road

Green-fingered neighbours at 127 Turney Road have had several successful plant sales on their drive this summer in aid of charity.


They operated an honesty box system whereby passers-by simply took their chosen plant and left the money.


Priced between £4 and £1, their plants were mostly in bloom so that people knew what they are buying. They had pink and purple Geraniums, blue and white Campanulas, a Melancholy Thistle, white Pulmonarias, Sisyrinchiums and a variety of other small plants.


All the money raised goes to the St Bride’s Restoration Appeal.  They sold enough plants, through the generosity of neighbours, to reach a total of £365.20.


They are very grateful for this support.


Nursery for SCST Dulwich Sports Ground approved on 11 February 2014

Dulwich Sports Ground, planning application for a new building for a nursery and coaching facilities, 102-106 Turney Road

LATEST (18 Feb 2014).  The contentious planning applications by the Southwark Community Sports Trust for Council approval of a new nursery on their ground, and to use the former caretaker’s flat for rent on the open market, were passed by Southwark Council’s Planning Sub-Committee B on 11 February.  An addendum report circulated before the hearing is now available online on the planning register. There was a good turnout from Turney Road residents at the hearing but, once again, the evening highlighted the problems for Dulwich arising from recent Council policy to abolish local planning meetings. Since then, residents wanting to object, or support in person, have had to travel to Tooley Street to present their concerns to councillors who, in the main, do not represent this area.  This happened once again on Tuesday as the panel (without Dulwich councillors) struggled to get to grips with the workings of the Dulwich Estate, and the value of sports grounds in Dulwich.  Thanks to Village Ward Councillors Michael Mitchell and Toby Eckersley who did their best in their allotted 3 minute slot to elucidate Dulwich-specific issues and focus the minds of the committee on the key issues for the decision.

The only positive aspect was that the consent for both the nursery and flat was made personal to the applicant, SCST.  The use of the nursery will cease if SCST cease operations on the ground – and the flat will revert back to D2 auxiliary residential accommodation.

LATEST (16 Jan 2014).  The public consultation on both planning applications has ended.  The main issue is the inappropriate development on MOL and harm to the open space.  We now await details of the planning hearing which is expected in February.

UPDATE (14 Dec 2013) Now two applications 13/AP/1732 and 13/AP/3927 – for the nursery and for the pavilion flat.  Public Consultation in progress with deadline of 4th January 2014.

UPDATE (13 Nov 2013) Still no news.  Southwark planners are reviewing the submissions they have received since the last hearing.  We await further.

UPDATE (26 Sept 2013) The application has been withdrawn from the agenda of the planning hearing on 1st October so that officers can assess new information received.   The hearing will be rescheduled.

UPDATE (24 Sept 2013) New planning hearing at 7pm 1st October at 160 Tooley Street.  Revised planners’ report available on Southwark planning register (13/AP/1732).  The portakabins stored at Rosendale School have been moved to a storage site outside London.  Several complaints have been made to Southwark Council relating to the interpretation of MOL policies, and also on the planning process for this application.

UPDATE (10 Sep 2013): We are eagerly awaiting a revised report from the planning officers taking into consideration all the late material objections raised by residents and the date of the new hearing which is likely to take place in October. Objectors and other parties will automatically be contacted by the planning section in due course.  The portakabins stored at Rosendale School have been moved to a storage site outside London.  A resident has submitted two complaints to Southwark Council relating to the interpretation of MOL policies, and also on the planning process for this application.

UPDATE (23 Aug 2013):  Application has been referred back to the Planning Sub-Committee to consider new information and the imposition of additional conditions in regard to members’ earlier resolution to grant planning permission for development on metropolitan open land.

REPORT (30th July 2013):

Southwark Council’s Planning Committee has granted permission to Southwark Community Community Trust (SCST) to build a 41 place nursery with sports facilities on the field to the south of Turney Road behind the even-numbered houses. This is a controversial development as the grounds are designated as Metropolitan Open Land (MOL) and a large number of objections were made to the plans, as well as some people supporting them. Nelly’s Nursery – already running three popular nurseries in the neighbourhood including one at the junction of Turney Road and South Croxted Road – and the Southwark Community Sports Trust are planning to open a nursery in a portacabin next to the existing sports pavilion.

The planning application was heard at a planning hearing on Tuesday 23rd July, and planning consent was granted subject to certain conditions and there being no new material issues emerging before the 27th July, the consultation closure date.  The final decision notice will be posted on the web site in due course.

Full details are available on the Southwark Council Planning web site at:, you can see a fair number of the consultation replies and a copy of the addendum to the officer’s main report at   More consultation replies will be posted up soon.

The officer’s addendum “late observations” report is worth reading.   Some consultation responses were wrongly categorised, but there were nigh on 100 replies, including about 90 objections from across Dulwich. It is very disappointing that despite this number of responses,  little consideration appears to have been given to the arguments about MOL,  and the existence of a flood risk noted in many responses was denied by the officers who were not aware of the proposed Southwark flood alleviation projects in our area.

Thank you to all those residents who attended the hearing, and waited patiently for the application to be heard.  All the spokespeople spoke well and cogently for their viewpoints.  Our councillor, Michael Mitchell represented the major concerns of local residents.

What happens now?

The decision notice won’t be published just yet, but please look out for the notice on the documents page – link above.

Unless objectors raise an issue which causes the officers to refer the matter back to the planning committee in September, SCST are free to go ahead subject to the conditions.  SCST cannot be certain of the conditions until they get them formally from the Council, which could take a few more days to arrive.  Some of the conditions relate to how to carry out the building of the nursery and how to care for the trees, also a green transport plan.

SCST have told me provisionally that the portakabins will be moved from Lyndhurst School next Tuesday 30th July to a storage location near to Turney Road (NOT on Dulwich Sports Ground) until SCST are ready to accept delivery of the modules.  There will be a hiatus while SCST await the decision notice, consider the requirements to meet the conditions, and co-ordinate the parties concerned.  It is expected then that on a date to be determined during August the modules will be moved from the storage area by lorry to SCST, craned into position during one working day (six separate lorry trips are envisaged), and then bolted together and services connected over the succeeding 1-2 days.   This stage is expected to be completed by 24th August.  After installation, the portakabins will be handed over to Nelly’s Nursery who will complete the cladding and set up with a view to opening the nursery in October.   It is likely that when the modules are moved onto the site in August there will be some temporary restrictions on parking in the road near SCST.   There will be further notices about this in due course, and posted up on the gates.

If there are any other developments relating to the planning application we will keep you posted, and put this on the web site if appropriate.

A group of residents is working to develop a “Friends of SCST” and there will be more information about this in due course.

Thank you to the 40 Turney households who have written to TRRA with their views, suggestions and questions together with copies of letters & emails to Southwark.   Also once again many thanks to the 55 individual residents who attended the public meetings.

TRRA will be considering lessons learned from this application.  A watchword for all RAs and amenity groups is “consultation” and we will examine how we can help to improve public consultation in the road and in our area.

Turney Road news update – lots happening!

Dear Neighbours,

New Building on SCST Dulwich Sports Ground

After the planning hearing last Tuesday, and before the closure of the consultation period on Saturday 27th, several residents wrote to Southwark with new material objections.   A response from the Council is awaited.

Dulwich Car Park Public Consultation

Southwark Council are currently carrying out a consultation on parking proposals in the Dulwich Park car park.

The proposals include:

·         Making the existing blue badge (disabled) bays mandatory

·         Enforcement against dangerous or obstructive parking

   The introduction of a 4 hour time limit for parking (except disabled bays)

Southwark are not proposing any parking charges (but parking tickets will be issued for overstayers).
To view the proposed car park layout, please visit:
 For further information and to complete the online questionnaire, please visit:

 Southwark invites responses via their online questionnaire by 15 August 2013..

Contact is:

Paul Gellard
Transport and Projects Officer
Public Realm Projects (Parking Design)
Environment and Leisure
Floor 3, hub 1
Southwark Council
160 Tooley Street
PO Box 64529
London, SE1P 5LX

Thames Water Topographical Surveys for Surface Water Management continue in the Village Area

You may have seen the Survey teams out in Turney Road on Monday taking measurements and leaving their yellow hieroglyphics on the pavement.

Just a reminder esp for new people on our list:

Southwark in common with local authorities across the UK is now charged with developing plans to manage surface water flooding that in recent years has become an issue in many areas of the UK including London.  Storms and flash floods along with exceptional rainfall have led to episodes of surplus surface water which cannot be handled efficiently by the sewers and drains.  The Southwark Drainage and Flood Management team have taken a lead on this and sought funding from DEFRA for specific projects across the borough to alleviate flood risks arising from surplus surface water.

One such area is Herne Hill and Dulwich,  and Southwark has now been awarded DEFRA grant-in-aid funds to develop proposals for alleviation measures in our green spaces, specifically in the parks and some sports clubs to stop excess surface water flowing across the parks and towards Herne Hill.   Local sports clubs and park pitches endured weeks of waterlogging over the past winter which meant unplayable surfaces, lost revenues and serious impacts on the performance of local sports teams.

The Southwark team will now be working with local stakeholders on a detailed design of the alleviation measures and planning a public consultation on their proposals.    In the meantime teams of surveyors from Thames Water and associated consultant firms will be conducting topographical surveys of the Village area, parks and sports clubs, so don’t be surprised to see them around.

The work will continue for a few more weeks.

DEFRA Minister visits water management projects in the Herne Hill Area

Turney Road (Lambeth) saw a visit from DEFRA Parliamentary Under Secretary Lord de Mauley last Wednesday 24th July.  Lord de Mauley was hosted by the London Wildlife Trust who are co-ordinating community engagement on water management projects for DEFRA in the Herne Hill and Dulwich Area.  The minister visited Brockwell Park, some green projects in Herne Hill, and also the Rosendale Allotments where local amenity groups and Thames Water presented the Herne Hill Flood Alleviation projects which are proposed for the Dulwich Parks.

Network Rail – Bridge Closures.  NOTE FOR DIARIES

Neighbours should have received a letter from Network Rail advising of the replacement of railway bridges in Croxted Road and Rosendale Road 18-19 January 2014 and the Village Way Bridge from 15-16 February 2014.  Croxted and Rosendale Roads (bridge sections) will be closed to all vehicle traffic from Saturday 11 January to Sunday 26 January 2014, and Village Way closed to all vehicle traffic from Sat 8 February to Sun 23 February 2014.  There will be a consultation session on Thursday 7 November 16.00-19.30 hours at All Saints Church, Rosendale Road.  There will be a second session on 14th November 2013 from 16.00 – 19.30 hours (venue to be confirmed). Further information will follow on the arrangements for pedestrian access around the bridges during the full road closures as well as a traffic management plan for the area.    Some enabling works are due to take place in the next couple of weeks (July/August) which may restrict traffic during this time.

Link to maps and photos of bridges at

Kind regards

Sue Badman

For Turney Road Residents’ Association

Herne Hill Velodrome – launch of fundraising for Phase 3: the Pavilion Building

On Thursday, 6 June 2013, a celebration was held at Herne Hill Velodrome (HHV) to thank all those involved on completion of Phase 2 of its renovation, and to launch fundraising for Phase 3.  A very generous Southwark Olympic Legacy Project award of £400k has funded Phase 2 – a 250m track for junior and less able cyclists and a multi use games area within the main track, plus main track lighting, to get more kids and adults into cycling and a healthier lifestyle.

Cyclists under the lighting at the Herne Hill Velodrome
Cyclists under the lighting at the Herne Hill Velodrome




Phase 1- renovation and resurfacing of the main track – was achieved in August 2011 by British Cycling, after The Dulwich Estate granted it a 15-year lease on the track and infill and a temporary 3-year lease on the rest of the site.  Extension of this short-term lease is conditional on Estate approval of building plans, funding and a business plan to run the whole site.

Phase 3 comprises replacement of the derelict grandstand and other buildings and finding the funds to do this. HHV Trust has one year left to raise £3m for the Pavilion Building with bike storage, which fits The Estate’s specification. Without this, and a long lease, it will be impossible to provide the pavilion, changing facilities, cafe, gym, etc., which HHV desperately needs, and generate the necessary income to run the site.

Hillary Peachey, Chair of HHV Trust, explained how important it is to realise that the future of HHV is not yet secure and donations of all sizes are required.  Although the Trust has indication of possible grants, it still has to raise at least half the £3m.  It was most encouraging to have supportive speeches from Tessa Jowell, British Cycling’s President, Southwark Council’s Leader and The Dulwich Estate Chair and see so many local councillors, cyclists, friends of HHV, cycling organisations, local, and national businesses and the Phase 2 contractors, at the event. Hopefully, they were all enchanted by this very special place and everyone will want to help, by providing the financial support, which is so urgently needed for Phase 3.



Charmian Hornsby     13/6/2013

Planning Applications in our area

a)      Judith Kerr Free School, 62-68 Half Moon Lane

We have previously mentioned the proposed Judith Kerr Free Bilingual (English/German) Primary School on our website.  The school is planning to locate at 62-68 Half Moon Lane – the old King’s College London Plant Science Laboratories –  and open in September 2013.   Initially a temporary modular building will be constructed on the site to accommodate about 100 children while the KCL buildings are fitted out for a school capable of accommodating up to 350 children.  If you would like to know more about the school, the web site is   The planning application can be found here:  Consultation ended on 24 July and a decision from the Council is expected on 3 September.

b)      Premier Hire, Giant Arches off Burbage Road

You may have noticed when travelling down Burbage Road that lorries and plant machinery vehicles are sometimes parked on Burbage Road near the railway bridge.  Premier Hire have been expanding their business and have needed to park vehicles on the carriageway. The business would now like to construct a 2.4m, solid timber panel fence and security gates as well as undertake some resurfacing to make more intensive use of the area to the west of the railway arches adjacent to Cobb and Royston Courts.   Currently there is an unsightly temporary hoarding and gates in place.  Full details of the planning application can be found at :   Comments on the application (13/AP/1246) closed on 18th July.  The decision is awaited.

c)   Dulwich Sports Ground, proposed new building for a nursery and coaching facilities, 102-106 Turney Road

Nelly’s Nursery and the Southwark Community Sports Trust are planning to open a nursery in a portacabin next to the existing sports pavilion.   The planning application (number 13/AP/1732)  is on the Southwark Council Planning web site at:  The consultation period has closed and the Planning Committee gave consent subject to conditions.

Urban Foxes – What do you think?

Dulwich residents raise the issue of urban foxes from time to time.   We haven’t conducted a fox count in the immediate area so we don’t know how many foxes there are, and whether their numbers have increased.  Anecdotally on local messageboards there are often stories about large numbers of foxes being sighted across Dulwich.

Residents asking about foxes should look at the Southwark Council advice at   (July 2010) which includes a link to an advisory booklet from the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health.

There is also useful advice from the Wildlife Committee of the Dulwich Society    (Sept 2010)

We strongly advise residents not to feed foxes and ensure that potential sources of food such as litter and rubbish bags are removed from foxes’ reach.

The London Wildlife Trust sums up the position at (Feb 2013)

“Fundamentally, we need to change our behaviour. For example, people shouldn’t be feeding foxes. They are wild animals, not pets, and doing so will only encourage foxes to develop a greater tolerance of people.

In addition, we all need to put food waste in closed, secure bins, beyond foxes’ reach. Taking simple measures like these will ensure foxes rely on natural prey, such as rats, and the reduction in the overall amount of food available should lead to a fall in fox numbers”

You could search for a pest control company to help drive the foxes away, and some companies will offer you a fox-proofing and fox deterrent service – see this web site as an example:   Rentokil also offer an advice service on management of foxes.

Various means of deterrence cited by local residents include chilli powder, lemon peel, human urine (male!), creosote, an assertive dog.

Have you had a problem with foxes?  If so please let us have details.   We are taking steps to collate all the feedback we receive for a note to the Mayor’s Office and the London Wildlife Trust who are both involved in seeking strategic solutions to the problem.  So please let us know.

July 2013 (updated June 2014)