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Herne Hill – Open for business – Come and enjoy the Sunday Market.

A new highlight to our Sundays is the Herne Hill Farmers’ Market.  It has been running every Sunday from 10 until 4 for just over a year now in the Herne Hill “town square” in front of the station.   It’s my choice of destination for those fallow Sundays when there are no relatives and friends to visit. (Of course, if they are visiting you, then let them tag along!)

Before I go any further I should disclose my association with the market – I sell my artisan pottery there once a fortnight – I hope that does not make me too biased!

A ten minute walk from the centre of Dulwich takes you to a buzzing market street of traders.  There are wonderful fruit and vegetable stalls, butchers and fishmongers.  The street food is good quality and varied – take your pick from curries, pakoras and crepes.  There are cakes as well as ice cream and popcorn.

If eating ‘on the hoof’ is not your thing then The Commercial serves a traditional Sunday lunch while Pullens offers a more European choice.

Craft stalls take a proportion of the space, offering retro clothing from Paul ‘the Suit’, handmade knitware, second-hand objets d’art and collectibles and greetings cards.

It’s worth a look one Sunday morning, lunchtime or afternoon.



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