Half Moon Lane news: Oxfam Donation Day on 7th Sept; stalls at the market

Update (1st September 2013)

Oxfam Donation Day

Latest from Oxfam (20 Half Moon Lane):  Our shop will not be able to open until the end of November at the earliest because of the flooding. Sadly we lost everything as it was all stored in the cellar whilst the planned refurbishment happened. So this Saturday (7th of September) from about 10 am to 3 pm, we shall be outside the shop to accept selected donations ( clothing, china, books and music) and talk to people. Please come and visit us. We’ll be doing this on selected weekends until we can open again. Please don’t leave donations outside of the shop when we are not there as the builders cannot take them in and we can’t use them. Check our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates: https://en-gb.facebook.com/pages/Oxfam-Herne-Hill/206098266133935 https://twitter.com/OxfamHerneHill Many thanks for your help and support.   From Oxfam Herne Hill standard shop
Oxfam at the Herne Hill Market 1st Sept (photo: S Badman)
Oxfam at the Herne Hill Market 1st Sept (photo: S Badman)

Update (30 August 2013)

Half Moon Lane and Herne Hill are open for business.

See earlier reports and photos about the Herne Hill Flood:  Report #1   Report #2   Report #3  Report #4   Report#5 – includes the list of traders.

We’ve heard some excellent news.  Number22 will be selling paella at the Herne Hill Market on Sunday; Oxfam will be running a bookstall and Tales on Moon Lane will have a stall at the market as well.

Tales on Moon Lane at Herne Hill Market 1st Sept 2013 (photo: S Badman)
Tales on Moon Lane at Herne Hill Market 1st Sept 2013 (photo: S Badman)

Letter from Oxfam about their Half Moon shops (30 August 2013)

Oxfam has written to its donors

Oxfam bookshop (Photo: Oxfam)

Oxfam bookshop (Photo: Oxfam)

On Monday 26 August you will have received an email about our newly fitted Herne Hill shop.

Sadly both Oxfam shops in Herne Hill have been severely flooded due to a burst water main in Half Moon Lane. Most of the stock has been destroyed by the flood water and the shop team will now have to rebuild their donated stock from scratch.

The shop will be closed from now until nearer Christmas but we will keep you posted on its progress.

We will need your help in getting the shop back on its feet again. When the shop is up and running we will let you know and the Herne Hill team will welcome all of your donations.

Please keep your eye out for the Bookshop at the Herne Hill Sunday Market. We aim to set up a temporary stall there most weekends in light of the recent floods.

For up to date information on how the repair is progressing, keep in touch with us:

Facebook: Oxfam Herne Hill
Twitter: @OxfamHerneHill

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
With best wishes

Oxfam Shop Team


Finally here is a lovely article by Lawrence Rouillier White about the Herne Hill shops http://dulwichonview.org.uk/2013/08/30/saturday-shopping-herne-hill-se24/

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