Carriageway resurfacing in College Road from 21st to 25th October – Road closure & parking restrictions

There will be carriageway resurfacing in College Road from 21st to 25th October from Dulwich Common to 21 College Road with road closure and parking restrictions.  These works will be implemented between 0800 hours and 1800 hours (Monday to Saturday, weather permitting).  Please note that footway areas will be maintained for use outside of these hours.  Any queries should be directed to Steve Phillips, contracts supervisor at Conway Aecom call centre on 0330 337 1001.  Please quote College Road Southwark on calling.

No details of road diversions as yet, but expect Gallery, Croxted, Turney and Burbage Roads to be busy.

Turney Road RA AGM – discussion on policing, local sports clubs, Herne Hill flood, road safety initiative, front gardens.

Flood Alleviation Talk TRRA AGM 121013IMG-20131012-01574  IMG-20131012-01573


Photos of Turney Road AGM, 12 Oct 2013



The Turney Road Residents’ Association held its AGM on Saturday 10th October at the Edward Alleyn Club.  Local Police Sergeant Stewart Turnbull updated residents on the new policing model and local crime trends.  He also launched the Dulwich Road Casualty Reduction Initiative and encouraged all to volunteer to help keep speed levels down. John Kissi from Southwark Council updated residents on the new Herne Hill Flood Alleviation Scheme (more here…).   We also heard from Rob Crowley of the Edward Alleyn Club, Charmian Hornsby from the Herne Hill Velodrome Trust as well as local Ward Councillors Michael Mitchell and Robin Crookshank Hilton.

Other topics covered included:

– revised TRRA constitution;

– local sports clubs including the nursery proposal at Dulwich Sports Ground;

– Herne Hill traders;

– Pigeon fouling at Herne Hill bridge;

– Greening of Turney Road – improving front gardens;

– progress with the Turney and Burbage website;

– Impacts of railway bridge replacement in Jan/Feb 2014

– Summer Party 2014





Southwark Council reveals plans to alleviate flood risk in Herne Hill – Have your say on planning applications

LATEST:  (28 Feb 2014) Following input from residents, plans have been amended and consultation extended.  Please see main applications on the planning register for revised plans and send comments to  Applications are still scheduled for the planning sub-committee on 11 March 2014

UPDATE (16 Jan 2014). Search planning register at 

Flood Alleviation application numbers are

Dulwich Park – 13/AP/4517, and 13/AP/4547

Belair Park – 13/AP/4479, and 13/AP/4545

Southwark Community Sports Trust  – 13/AP/4478 and 13/AP/4546


Plans for a £3.4m pioneering flood alleviation scheme in Herne Hill have been announced by Southwark Council.

The £3.4m pilot scheme is being funded by the Environment Agency (EA) and Thames Water (TW) and will see flood management measures put in place in Belair Park, Southwark Community Sports Grounds, Turney Road and Dulwich Park.

The scheme provides an innovative model which the EA and TW hope to adopt and promote across the country following successful delivery.

The design proposals involve the construction of above and below ground storage to capture overland flow during periods of heavy rainfall. Whilst on the Turney Road site there are plans to introduce kerbside drainage and additional pipe work to route local surface water to the storage facility in the sports ground.

More details at

Consultation with local groups in Dulwich and Herne Hill is starting.  See the following presentation from the Southwark Flood Risk and Drainage team who gave a talk at the Turney Road Residents’ Association on 12 October 2013.   Turney Road TRA Presentation_Dulwich 12-10-13

Victory for Herne Hill Baker – Traffic Wardens banned from issuing tickets outside Half Moon Lane shops

Kindred Bakery
                                                                                                  Kindred Bakery

Victory for Herne Hill Baker as Southwark traffic wardens have been banned from issuing tickets outside a parade of flood-hit shops in Half Moon Lane,  Baker Anthony Kindred took to Twitter to complain it was making business even worse.

Herne Hill was left under a metre of water on August 7 after a pipe burst, causing £4 million of damage and forcing more than 30 businesses  to close.  Just nine have fully reopened and traders estimate footfall in the area is down by 25 per cent.  More at ….

Anthony said parking enforcement officers were driving customers away, as well as stopping builders repairing the shops.

He tweeted: “Why does Southwark council send traffic wardens to half moon lane all day.  We’re trying to recover from flooding.”

Later he added: “Traffic warden patrolling Half Moon Lane from 8.30 gonna [sic] be a busy day not, thank you Southwark”, and “another day of parking gestapo, and guess what no customers after 12 o’clock”.

Southwark Council saw the tweets and agreed not to issue any more fines in the bays until further notice.

Anthony told “The Evening Standard” “I was surprised — I was getting ready to have a right old row, but they agreed to help.”

Southwark councillor Robin Crookshank Hilton told The Standard it was a good result.  “The traders need to be allowed to get on with the renovations.”

(Published 12 Oct 2013. Picture: S Badman)