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Wood Burning Stoves: Air polluting

In the great flurry of home upgrading many of us are putting in wood burning stoves and the evening perfume of burning wood has become common in the street.  There has been at least one smokeless coal fire in longstanding use in our street where the home has no central heating.  Now home improvers are […]

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Rail bridges being replaced in Croxted Road, Rosendale Road and Village Way in early 2014. Read about parking restrictions and traffic diversions.

Further details of the bridge replacement works are here.     Southwark and Lambeth Councils published a joint Lambeth and Southwark Traffic Order 13 Dec 2013 Latest (2nd Feb 2014): The Rosendale and Croxted Road bridge replacements were completed successfully.  All diversions and parking controls have ended and yellow lines removed. LONDON BOROUGH OF LAMBETH AND LONDON BOROUGH OF […]

Community Associations & Southwark & Lambeth Councils Recent Posts Road Safety

New pedestrian island on Burbage Road at the Dulwich Village roundabout

LATEST: (5 July 2014): The pedestrian roundabout was approved at the DCC on 19th March 2014 and will be implemented over the summer, current dates 4-12 August 2014. LATEST (2nd Feb 2014):  This will be submitted to the Dulwich Community Council on 19th March 2014 for a decision. UPDATE: the consultation has ended.  We await details […]