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Impact of flood works in Turney Road and Dulwich Sports Ground (SCST)

The flood alleviation works will start in May 2014 until late autumn 2014 in the Southwark Community Sports Trust ground, on Turney Road, and also in Dulwich and Belair Park. There is a web site for the project at which will be updated regularly with project highlights and construction milestones.   Information will be posted up at the work sites. An SMS alert facility is provided, more at

LATEST (24/6/2014)  – Work is now starting on the SCST ground.  If residents have any queries, please contact Kaye Hargan of MGJV via 0845 641 0011 quoting your address and Ref No CAP5\BB967779.  Email:

UPDATE (May 2014): Phase one of the construction work has now commenced within Dulwich Park and park users may have noticed the site team out in the park erecting the fencing around the bowling area and the play park.  Over the coming weeks, there will be an increase in construction vehicles entering the park via Rosebery and Queen Mary gates and exiting via the Court Lane gate.



Who is undertaking the project?  Contact details?

  • Morrison Galliford Joint Venture will be undertaking this project on behalf of Thames Water and Southwark Council. (Thames Water have contracted MGJV for the renewal and enhancement of water supply mains and sewer networks across South London and surrounding areas).   MGJV have been closely involved with this project since its inception and the team are very familiar with local water supplies and drainage systems.  More details on MGJV at
  • Should you have any queries regarding its execution, please do not hesitate to contact Kaye Hargan of MGJV via 0845 641 0011 quoting your address and Ref No CAP5\BB967779.

Key dates?

  • May 2014 (date to be confirmed) – MGJV portacabins and welfare units will be delivered to SCST ground and will be located at the back by the railway line to serve the SCST and Belair projects for the duration of the project.


  • May 2014 – start of work on SCST.


  • Sept 2014 (tbc) – start of drainage work on Turney Road highway.


  • Oct 2014 – completion of construction work in SCST.


  • Nov 2014 (tbc) – completion of drainage work on Turney Road.


  • 2015 – Any remaining landscaping completed.

What works are being done at SCST and Turney Road?

  • A temporary track will be laid running behind 82-100 Turney and then along the edge of the railway line to enable vehicles and plant to enter the ground and into Belair Park.
  • The works area around the proposed storage tank and the site compound will be fenced off.
  • Work will start on building the bunds/walls along the edge of the SCST and around the projected space for the proposed nursery
  • The underground storage and other works will then be done
  • Pipework will be laid underneath the SCST access road (first section up to field edge) which will operate as a one-way carriageway while this is being done.
  • Drainage grids will be laid on both sides of the Turney carriageway between the bridge and the sports ground (approx. 82-100/108 and 29-55 Turney). An additional traffic table/hump will be laid in front of the sports fields gates.  One side of the carriageway will be closed during this work.


  • NEW – a discrete sewer upgrade project will take place on Turney Road between Dulwich Village and Boxall Road later in 2014 to increase sewer capacity at this point.  Details and dates not yet confirmed but it will mean this section of the road is likely to be closed and/or operate as single carriageway for several weeks.

 Will there be parking controls?

  • Yes, there will be parking controls outside the SCST gates to enable construction lorries to access the Dulwich Sports Ground without risk of damaging cars and gates. It is expected that these will be single yellow lines operating Monday to Friday for the duration of the construction project. Details are to be confirmed. The contact for yellow lines is Dave Peace at FM Conway 020 8636 8822

How will construction be managed?

  • Construction hours will be 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday – no weekend working.
  • MGJV will manage construction teams – meals on site, litter management, no radios, contractors will park onsite near the site compound not on Turney Road.
  • Movement of plant and lorries along the SCST access road and temporary track.  Details of lorry movements are to be advised. but soil/earth will be moved between SCST and the parks, following a set route around Croxted Road and Dulwich Common.

What will happen to SCST ground and pavilion during construction?

  • SCST will continue to operate the unaffected parts of the ground and pavilion as usual.

What about residents’ access to the field during construction work?

  • This is still to be confirmed with SCST and MGJV.  The site compound and works areas will be fenced off with signs and out of bounds at all times.  Please check with onsite MGJV and SCST managers.
  • Access from Turney back gardens is likely to be restricted during construction hours due to the temporary track and lorry movements.  Please check with the onsite MGJV and SCST managers.

What is happening with the nursery build?

  • Details to be confirmed but it is likely the nursery will be built in parallel with the flood works to minimise disruption to residents.

We will keep you informed and post information on our website at and twitter @turneyburbage    Please look out for site notices and take particular care if you are cycling or walking in the area due to lorry movements.

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