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The new Southwark Dulwich Community Council

Following the May 2014 Local elections, our new local Southwark councillors are:

Village Ward – Anne Kirby (Labour); Jane Lyons (Conservative); Michael Mitchell  (Conservative)  (where Turney and Burbage Roads are located).

College Ward  – Jon Hartley (Labour); Helen Hayes (Labour), Andy Simmons (Labour)

East Dulwich Ward –  James Barber (Liberal Democrat); Rosie Shimell (Liberal Democrat); Charlie Smith (Labour)

These nine councillors form the Dulwich Community Council (DCC) and unless there are any changes the new DCC will next meet in July 2014 (see for further details).

We congratulate our new councillors on their election.

We say farewell to Toby Eckersley who has served Village Ward as our local councillor for over 30 years and we all wish him well for the future.  He has given tremendous service to the Dulwich area and helped fight our corner.   Many thanks, Toby, from Turney and Burbage Roads.

We also say farewell and thanks to long standing councillors Lewis Robinson, Jonathan Mitchell and Robin Crookshank Hilton.


Published 28 May 2014

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