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Road safety outside schools in Turney Road – what do you think?

There are proposed parking control changes at the Village end of Turney Road near the Dulwich Hamlet and Dulwich Village Infant Schools.

The schools and the police requested improvements to road safety due to a number of serious incidents involving children and parents crossing the road at the bollards outside the schools.  Cars were passing on the wrong side of the bollards because of inconsiderate parking.

Southwark officers have met with a group of stakeholders including local Turney residents, Dulwich Hamlet school and Safe Routes to School to discuss the options and have put forward a Proposed waiting restrictions May 2014 for further consultation with residents and stakeholders.  Also see Swept path analysis Rev A.pdf   and  20140515 – Turney Road parking design principles

These changes involve:

i)                    revised yellow school “keep clear” markings

ii)                   new double yellow lines around the two sets of bollards at Boxall and Aysgarth

iii)                 double yellow lines at the corners of Boxall and Aysgarth to improve sightlines and to enable pedestrians to cross safely –  in line with regulations about parking close to corners.

Southwark officers have asked for feedback on the proposal from stakeholders by 13th June 2014.

 The proposal will then proceed according to the following timetable:

  1. June – new councillors will be briefed
  2. 21 July – report and recommendations to DCC meeting
  3. August / Sept – statutory consultation of the traffic orders (street/press notices) with 21 day statutory consultation period
  4. In absence of objections: Sept / Oct – traffic orders made and implemented
  5. If objections: 10 Sept DCC consider any objections and either modify, drop or proceed with the order.

Officers have listened carefully to what stakeholders & residents have said about the loss of parking places and the impact of the chaotic school peak periods but given the road safety imperatives and the request from the police, the officers consider that this proposal comprises the minimum combination of controls to tackle the most critical problems with safety – inconsiderate parking near the bollards and improving the sightlines for cars emerging from Boxall and Aysgarth.  Residents will be able to park on the school “keep clear” markings outside school hours.

There will be enforcement of the school Keep Clear (No stopping at any time) and the double yellow lines (no waiting/parking at any time) by Southwark enforcement officers, and we are reviewing with the heads of the schools what more can be done to educate the school community on parking and road safety including “considerate parking notices” and reminders.  The Dulwich Hamlet led a recent school newsletter with a reminder about car use and parking which was very welcome. We will also ask the local police to do checks from time to time, as they highlighted concerns with road safety.

Village, Turney, Boxall, Aysgarth and Pickwick residents –  if you have any feedback on the proposal please send a comment on this post by 12th June.  Many thanks.

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