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Have your say on Southwark’s Cycling Strategy and proposal for a Quietway through Dulwich Village and Turney Road

January 2015  Turney Road Newsletter about cycling 

Dear Neighbours,

Many thanks to all those who have written to me about the Southwark Cycling Strategy – the proposed Southwark Spine and the Quietway through Dulwich and down Turney Road.



What is a Quietway?

Quietways are a network of bike routes for less confident cyclists using low-traffic back streets. The routes are not just for current cyclists, but are for people who have always been put off cycling by the thought of sharing the road with high volumes of cars, vans, buses and lorries.

There will be a delineated cycle path but NOT a blue cycle lane like the superhighways

We have no information as to whether any parking will be removed or any new parking restrictions will be introduced.

The cycling initiatives are part of a London-wide mayoral initiative and all local authorities are responding to the Mayor’s challenge with proposals for new cycle ways, Quietways and other cycling proposals.


What is happening now?

Southwark Council is currently consulting on both the proposed overall Cycling Strategy, the proposed Southwark Spine and proposed Quietways.    Louisa Tan, Southwark Principal Transport Planner, advises:

Both the draft Cycling Strategy and proposed Southwark Spine are at a strategic level and will be informed by this consultation which will run until Sunday, 1 February.

If there is broad support for the Southwark Spine, further work will need to be done on the route alignment (where it will go) and there will be a full public consultation on any specific proposals to improve the cycle network. ….The exact route is not decided at this stage and this is what we are consulting on: to determine whether there is support for the route and what the exact route might be. As part of this consultation we are looking for local knowledge to help us understand the opportunities and barriers.

We would welcome any further suggestions that you have on both the Southwark Spine, the draft Cycling Strategy and how we could improve the street environment for both walking and cycling. Comments can be submitted to me directly or you can visit and complete our short online survey, or log specific issues using our interactive map tool.”

We advise each and every Turney resident to send comments/photos via the interactive maps as it is clear that Southwark is setting great store by the feedback it receives during the consultation before 1st February.

The links to the maps are at:   – Cycling Strategy and Southwark Spine route shown in Black.  – Elephant & Castle to Crystal Palace Quietway via Turney Road shown in Red.

There is also an  online questionnaire you can complete – a Word copy of the questionnaire is attached so you can see the range of questions.

You can also email comments direct to   Please copy any emails to TRRA as it would be useful to gauge neighbours’ views.

There is a debate on the East Dulwich Forum about the Cycling Strategy.

The TRRA committee is talking to local Lambeth councillors about the Quietway on the Lambeth side of Turney and Rosendale Road – more on this later.

Problems with the Southwark interactive maps logon?

If you experience persistent problems with registering to login or logging in please email Louisa Tan as above with details of the username/email address you have used, and whether you have activated your registration or not, and any screenshots.  Please check your email junk mail box for activation emails.

Also if you complete the questionnaire, this will require you to log into “My Southwark” which has a different user ID/login to the interactive maps!!



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