Have your say on the Townley Road/East Dulwich Grove junction – Drop in exhibition on Sat 28th Feb at St Barnabas Parish Hall 11am -2pm

Another chance to have your say on the Townley Road/East Dulwich Grove junction – now keeping the right turn out of Townley.

STOP PRESS – Dulwich Councillors have recommended to the Transport Cabinet Member, Cllr Mark Williams, that the Townley Road scheme be approved.  

A drop in session will be held on Saturday 28th February 2015 from 11am – 2pm. This will provide opportunity for local residents and stakeholders to view the plans, and to directly engage with council officers and discuss the proposed changes in detail or get answers to particular points of detail that are not covered here.

The drop in session will be held at:

St Barnabas Parish Hall
23 Dulwich Village
London SE21 7BT 

The responses to the questionnaire will be analysed and taken into account before a final decision is taken on the proposals. The consultation results for both the original consultation and the re-consultation will be reported at the Dulwich Community Council meeting on the 17th March 2015.

Following the Community Council meeting, the final decision on whether to proceed with the scheme will be taken by Cllr Mark Williams, Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Planning, and Transport, in April 2015.


Message from Councillor Mark Williams, Southwark Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Planning and Transport about a fresh consultation of the Townley Road junction.

From: Williams, Mark <>
To: Williams, Mark <>
Sent: Wed, 18 Feb 2015 15:26
Subject: Townley Road Junction Scheme – Re-consultation

Dear Stakeholder

In December we consulted the local community on our proposals for improvements to the East Dulwich Grove/Townley Road/Greendale junction which were focussed on improving conditions for cyclists and pedestrians.  Our design included a proposal to ban the right turn from Townley Road into East Dulwich Grove to which there was considerable opposition.

We understand that the community needs to  support our proposals and therefore we have revised the  design to preserve all existing turning movements at the junction, including the right turn from Townley Road, whilst still greatly improving safety for cyclists and pedestrians.  There is some loss of capacity compared to the existing situation but the junction will continue to operate within acceptable levels of saturation.  This design is attached to this email and will be delivered to properties in the local area imminently.

Townley – Reconsultation Consultation Drawing

The key elements of the design are:

  • Removal of existing staggered pedestrian crossings with the implementation of shorter, single movement facilities.
  • Introduction of a diagonal pedestrian crossing to link footways adjacent to both schools and cater for an existing pedestrian desire line.
  • All pedestrian facilities to operate at the same time to reduce waiting time for pedestrians and improve the efficiency of the junction.
  • Cycle pre-signal on Townley Road and Green Dale to allow cycles to enter the junction and undertake turning movements before general traffic.
  • New signalised cycle gates on both Townley Road and Green Dale where cyclists are held on a red signal whilst general traffic movements operate. This removes the risk of both left hook and right hook collisions. (Please note that more confident cyclists will still be allowed to use the general traffic lane to traverse the junction from either Townley Road or Green Dale).
  • Semi-segregated cycle lane and advanced cycle waiting area on East Dulwich Grove (westbound) to allow cyclists to bypass waiting vehicles and gain priority at the junction.
  • Footway buildouts to reduce crossing distances for pedestrians and to visually improve the streetscape.
  • New two stage right turn facilities for cyclists to assist right turning movements into either Townley Road or Green Dale from East Dulwich Grove.
  • A new semi-segregated cycle lane is proposed on Townley Road to allow cyclists to safely pass queuing traffic and access the cycle facilities at the junction.
  • A new segregated cycle lane is proposed linking Calton Avenue with Townley Road to allow cyclists to bypass the Calton Avenue / Townley Road junction.
  • All existing turning movements at the junction are retained, including for coaches.

We very much want to hear from as many people as possible and therefore I would urge you to respond to the consultation either via our website or the paper leaflet that has been delivered to nearby properties.  The consultation runs until Friday 13 March.  Please do forward this email as you see fit.  The website also holds more background information for anyone that is interested.
We will be holding a ‘drop in’ Q&A session on Saturday 28 February from 11am – 2pm. The venue for this is still to be confirmed but venue details will be posted on the website as soon as possible.  This will give anyone interested the opportunity to view the plans in greater detail and discuss any issues or questions they may have face to face with council officers.

Given the funding constraints and the need to avoid the risk of losing external grant funding and the risk in delaying any further action at this junction for a further year, we are now consulting on this amended scheme.  When the public consultation is finished, the proposals will be the subject of a further report to Dulwich Community Council on 17 March.  After this meeting, the final decision on whether to implement the proposal will be made publicly by me in April.

Yours sincerely,

Cllr Mark Williams

Councillor Mark Williams
Labour Member for Brunswick Park Ward
Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Planning & Transport

London Borough of Southwark
160 Tooley Street
London, SE1 2TZ
0207 5257730 / 07985 629095 / @markwilliams84

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