Visit the Herne Hill Velodrome and have your say on the new pavilion, 4th April (10am -1pm) and 8th April (6pm – 8.30pm)



Good news on the latest development at the Velodrome.


Herne Hill Velodrome Trust hopes local residents will be interested to hear that the Planning Application for the new Pavilion at the Velodrome, to replace the derelict Grandstand, has just been submitted to Southwark Council.


The Trust is holding an Open Public Consultation on the plans, at Herne Hill Velodrome, 104 Burbage Road, London SE24 9HE, on Easter Saturday 4 April 2015, 10am-1pm, and also on Wednesday 8 April 2015, 6pm-8.30pm (both wheelchair accessible).


All those interested are invited to come to HHV at those times to see, discuss, and comment on the plans, which we hope will meet with approval.

I attach a copy of the plans, the Consultation poster and invitation letter.



HHV_Planning Application – Design Drawings

Thank you so much for your help and all best wishes

Charmian Hornsby and Alastair Hanton, HHV Trustees


The Planning Application is on the Southwark Planning Register at

Redevelopment of existing pavilion to provide a new two storey pavilion (approx. 293 sq.m); recon…


Ref. No: 15/AP/0790 | Received: Thu 05 Mar 2015 | Validated: Thu 19 Mar 2015


New restaurant in Herne Hill Station Square – Fish & Wine, 020 7274 0555 10% off food Mon/Tues evenings and lunchtimes

Exclusive offer for Turney and Burbage residents

10% off all food Monday and Tuesday evenings and lunchtimes.

Fish & Wine is a new restaurant in the heart of Herne Hill opposite Herne Hill Station that aims to serve delicious, excellent quality food in a relaxed environment.

Kevin, who founded Fish & Wine, has lived in the area for 20 years. He loves dining out and eating great food but realised that he was often travelling to other parts of London to find what he was looking for.

This inspired him to create Fish & Wine: a restaurant for locals where they can eat delicious, high quality food in a great environment with a friendly and professional service, without the need to travel far.

There are obviously a lot of fish and seafood dishes on the menu but their meat and vegetarian dishes are just as exciting. The chef’s main passion is Western European cuisine but he is also inspired by cooking from further afield including Asia and South America. This is reflected in his menu which features dishes ranging from sea bass ceviche to hake with clams and good old steak and chips.

Opening hours

Monday – Thursday 6:00pm-11:30pm

Friday – Sunday 12:00pm-4:00pm, 6:00pm-11:30pm

Website: 020 7274 0555


New policy on road markings adjacent to crossovers

Response from Southwark Council to Member enquiry from Cllr Jane Lyons regarding the proposed implementation of double yellow lines adjacent to crossovers to private drives.

Our Reference: 495472

Dear Councillor Lyons

Thank you for your enquiry dated 9 February 2015 in which you requested information regarding the policy on road markings adjacent to crossovers on behalf of your constituent Mr Ian McInnes (Chair of the Dulwich Society).

The council has three Design Standards that are pertinent to your enquiry:

I can summarise these standards as follows, the council:

  • will not install any new white H-Bar markings and will remove existing features as opportunity arises (eg. road resurfacing or a highway project)
  • will apply double yellow lines across new vehicle crossovers
  • will extend those double yellow lines for a length not less than 2 metres beyond the extent of the crossover (length will depend upon road classification)

For clarity, these policies mostly concern themselves with new crossovers. For the reasons given below, we do plan to remove existing H-Bars as opportunity arises but these will not be replaced by yellow lines unless a specific need is identified (and any new yellow lines will be subject to consultation). I note Mr McInnes’ concern that double yellow lines remove some flexibility about house owners allowing friends etc to park in front of their existing drive.

Historically H Bar markings were placed on streets as the council did not have the power to enforce against vehicles which were parked over a dropped kerb. The council now has the power to enforce such illegal parking. As such, the council considers the advisory H-bar to be an unnecessary road marking that brings little benefit. Most dropped kerbs are very obvious and therefore do not require additional signage to point them out. Consequently, the Council has ceased the installation of H-bar markings and now undertakes a policy of removing the existing markings when practicable.

For residents that are concerned that their driveway will be blocked in the absence of an ‘H bar’, the council will take enforcement action against vehicles that block access, however this service requires the explicit ‘opting in’ from the resident concerned.  More details of this policy and how to request the service can be found here.

In respect of Mr McInnes’ question about consultation, the Southwark Streetscape Design Manual (SSDM) was approved by Individual Decision by the relevant Cabinet Member in December 2012 after a public consultation and Equality Impact Assessment. The approved structure authorises the Head of Public Realm to agree individual design standards via the council’s scheme of delegation. The three standards you are enquiring about (DS. 002, 007 and 114) were approved in May and December 2013.
Should you have any questions about this response please do not hesitate to contact me on 02075252021 or email


Yours sincerely,

Tim Walker
Senior Engineer
Tooley St – Third Floor, Hub 1
PO Box 64529