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Great Dulwich bake off at the Turney and Burbage Summer Party, Friday 19th

Why don’t you take part in the Turney and Burbage Great Dulwich Bake Off challenge?

All you have to do is bring as your contribution to the Summer Party your showstopper cake or dessert or tart or pie or biscuits.

Entries will be judged on their show stopping appeal and deliciousness.

Prizes will be given for the winning entries.


Small print

1               There is  no charge to enter the Great Dulwich Bake Off

2               Nothing ventured – nothing gained and you could win a fabulous prize and the envy of your neighbours.

3               The entries  must be delivered to the Bake Off table at the Party at -30pm   labelled with your  name and  contact details   ( and age if you wish to disclose this )

4               The entries will be judged by a panel of celebrity judges  and their decision  which is final  will be announced at 8pm

5               After judging  the entries will be  eaten by the party guests ( Yes! Us!)

6               Any  questions contact Linda Eales on


One reply on “Great Dulwich bake off at the Turney and Burbage Summer Party, Friday 19th”

[…] As well as chilled fine wines on the lawn as the sun sets, there will be a fascinating local history talk, live music and dancing and plenty of activities for the children. Come and meet your neighbours and bring the extended family –  and don’t forget a plate of food to share or a showstopper cake (dessert, tart, pie or biscuits whatever takes your fancy) for the bake off competition. […]

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