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Have your say on the Quietways. Turney Road about to go through major changes.


Current Status (Nov 2015): Community engagement has completed.  Awaiting the Sustrans reports to Southwark and Lambeth and the next steps in consultation.

Southwark and Lambeth plan to route a Quietway through Dulwich Village down Green Dale, Calton Avenue, Turney Road and Rosendale Road.

They appointed Sustrans to conduct a community engagement exercise which started in July 2015 and completed in October 2015.

Residents participated in the following events:

Event: Three walkabouts at peak traffic in Dulwich taking in the section of route Q7 from Calton Ave – Rosendale Road. Discussion on issues and points to consider in the workshops with an optional pop up event focused on Lambeth interventions at the end.  17th September 2015

Event: Design development workshop – Discussions on possible interventions working in small groups, identifying preferred opportunities to calm traffic along Calton Ave / Dulwich Village Junction / Turney Road. 23rd and 26th September 2015

Event: Concept Design workshop – Narrowing down the options and coming to a consensus on one or two concept designs to be worked up further by Southwark Council for inclusion in the informal consultation. 3rd and 6th October 2015.

There were also events in Lambeth which completed in October 2015.

You can find out more about the Quietway in these documents:

Southwark Walkabout in Turney Road Feb 2015 Turney Road Site Walkthrough with the Residents’ Association

Turney Road Discussion Paper Feb 2015

Turney Road Plan 1 – Feb 2015

Turney Road Plan 2 – Feb 2015

Turney Road Map – Feb 2015

Southwark Cycling Strategy – Final Approved Version – Cycling Strategy

Turney Road Cycling Meeting 18 April 2015 – Turney Residents have their say

TRRA – Quietways Meeting 18 April 2015 – Powerpoint – Background info

COUNCIL CYCLING MEET – Dulwich Society meeting with Cllr Mark Williams May 2015

T & T Minutes 29 June 2015 – Dulwich Society Traffic & Transport Ctte with Sustrans

Note of meeting with Sustrans about the proposed Quietway down Turney Road 30 June 2015

Dulwich Quietway Flyer – on street popups July 2015

Dulwich survey results Infographic report from our survey results so far in Dulwich Village around the proposed Quietway route.August 2015

Dulwich Quietways Sustrans Q & A Quietway Questions & Answers August 2015

More information will be found here on this blog after Friday 28th August 2015:

Meeting with Cabinet Member, Cllr Darren Merrill, Southwark Council – Minutes 19 August 2015

Our Turney Road flyer:

There is also an interactive map on the Southwark web site to add comments about the Quietway

Sustrans Community Engagement Report  for Southwark – November 2015


And here is the route:

Route of Quietway through Dulwich
Route of Quietway through Dulwich


    • Initial engagement with schools, parents and residents  – July 2015 – complete
    • Questionnaire to all residents in (wide) catchment area – Late August 2015 – complete
    • Pre-design workshops with maps & modelling tools,  and walkabouts – September – complete
    • Report on Southwark Sustrans Community Engagement – December 2015
    • Lambeth proposed designs – December 2015
    • Formal Design (with Southwark engineering input)  – January 2016
    • Consultation  on proposed options – Jan – Feb 2016
    • Report to DCC – March 2016
    • Final Approval (Cabinet Level) – April 2016
    • Implementation – Summer 2016

Published: Sue Badman, July 2015

Updated: Sue Badman 26/8/2015, 2/11/2015

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