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Dulwich Village Junction – Possible redesigns – Photos of drawings for discussion

At the Sustrans Quietway workshop on Wednesday 23rd September 2015, Sustrans asked residents to have a look at four possible redesigns of the Dulwich Village junction with Turney Road, Calton Avenue and Court Lane. Here are photos of the designs displayed at the workshop taken by an attendee and local resident, and permitted by Sustrans.

The plans are marked in red as being for discussion only – these are not fixed ideas, the council and Sustrans are inviting responses.  Comments should be sent to by 1st October 2015 in the first instance.  There will be further opportunities to discuss proposals for the junction in due course.

Design 1
Design 1
Design 2
Design 2
Design 3
Design 3
Design 4
Design 4

One reply on “Dulwich Village Junction – Possible redesigns – Photos of drawings for discussion”

We do not agree with proposal to change priority from Court Lane to Calton Ave at the C/LxC/A junction. Instead you may wish to consider Cycle Traffic Lights across the north end of Court Lane, the C/L green phase timed in synchrony with the C/L green phase at the Dulwich Village lights, and adding a green turn-right filter at the end of C/L green phase. (It would require a cycle holding-area at D/V lights to await the next green phase for cycles across D/V toward Turney Road).
Nor do we agree with C/L becoming one-way in either direction, as this would have adverse effects at nearby road junctions, in particular it would divert C/L traffic on to Calton Ave Quietways, rendering it, and Woodwarde Road & Druces (narrower, with more on-street parking than in C/L) into very busy-ways, in addition to a busier-than-now unprotected crossing of the Quietways cycle route at the C/A x WW/R junction.
Thank you for considering these comments.

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