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What changes does Sustrans suggest to turn our roads into a Quietway?

You can read the Sustrans Community Engagement Report at Sustrans Consultation Report

Sustrans spent several months meeting residents at workshops and meetings, and their conclusions regarding potential changes to Dulwich roads can be found in the report.

Most of the changes will be at the Dulwich Village junction.

What does this mean for Turney Road?

There are a number of potential changes proposed but nothing is yet set in stone, and there will be a formal consultation on potential changes in early 2016.  In the meantime, this is what we have gleaned from the Sustrans report.  There won’t be any painted or segregated cycle lanes but there could be:

  • closure of the Croxted Road end of Turney Road to non-resident motor traffic for  a) some of each day, or b)  all day;
  • removal of all or some of the pedestrian islands and their replacement by a smaller number of zebra crossings, without island refuges mid-way;
  • removal of white lines in the centre of the road;
  • reduction of ‘pinch points’ where they interrupt cyclists;
  • reduction of on-street parking;
  • a rule  (or at least encouragement) that all cars should be backed into front drives.

What do you think?  Please let us know via “Contact us”

Published SB 16/12/2015

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