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Southwark Residents banned from our local Reuse and Recycling Centre

From 1st October 2016 the Vale Street Reuse and Recycling Centre (near Clive Road/Tritton Road) which many local Dulwich residents use will be restricted to Lambeth residents only on production of proof of address.    The staff at the centre have been handing out leaflets:

Vale Street

Until now Southwark residents have been able to use the centre as part of a reciprocal arrangement with Lambeth but this will change from 1st October.

We are seeking further information from Southwark ward councillors but our understanding is that Southwark now want to reserve their recycling centres for Southwark residents to ensure Southwark Council is only dealing with their residents’ waste to help save money for Southwark residents”.  As a result the reciprocal arrangement with Lambeth is coming to an end.  When you visit the large Devon Street, Old Kent Road Southwark recycling centre a staff member checks your proof of address ID.


2 replies on “Southwark Residents banned from our local Reuse and Recycling Centre”

All this territorial recycling is silly – the Vale Street recycling centre sits on the border of five boroughs and it is the most local recycling centre for many households in Southwark, Lewisham, Bromley and Croydon. To become territorial about who uses this, or any other centre for that matter is ridiculous. On the one hand, each council wants us to diminish our carbon foot print and yet on the other they would prefer us to drive greater distances to get rid of recycling. Some in Southwark, the roads mentioned above for example can get to Vale Street in ten minutes – but it would take a good 45 minutes to get to the Old Kent Road. Even for me, my local recycling centre would take me half hour and yet 20 minutes to Vale Street, on the way to visit relatives. Using a centre that is going to take you 20 minutes round trip to use trumps a centre that is going to take 1½ hours round trip.

It seems to me it would be best to run a survey – without attracting problems – find out who does use the site – if 50% are from Lambeth and 10% from each of the other boroughs mentioned (10% misc as you can never get to 100%!!) then arrange to run the centre either with that percentage from each council or breakdown the costs and the revenue between those boroughs.

Surely that is a better way to run centres that are so near borough borders? The ‘this is ours’ mentality is just going to mean people will hide recycling in landfill because it is too much hassle to take it to a centre. Garden waste will be more and more incinerated or again, hidden in landfill. This ban is going to attract problems and whilst Lambeth are not bothered – Southwark, Bromley, Lewisham and Croydon will be dirtier and have more fly tipping because of it.

I watched a programme where it said that the UK earns £750 million a year in recycling – surely just allowing centres to be used will only benefit the country than limit where a household can actually recycle.

As a domestic gardener my livelihood is now frightened as they is no close recycling centres for working gardeners. There is no information telling us where we can get rid of waste , as we are now classed as commercial business.

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