Business in Dulwich (Wed 1 Feb 2017)

The next Dulwich community council meeting is happening on Wednesday 1 February 2017 at Herne Hill Baptist Church, Half Moon Lane, Herne Hill, SE24 9HU.

This meeting will happen in two parts. The first consists of a formal decision making meeting followed by the themed community meeting. So…

At 7pm:           Dulwich Community Council – Decision making meeting

Decisions announced for the successful Cleaner Greener Safer Fund 2017/18 projects

At 7.30pm:      Dulwich Community Council Forum meeting

The meeting will be hearing from Cllr Johnson Situ – Southwark Council’s Cabinet Member for Business, Employment and Culture giving an overview on the theme.

The committee wants to hear from you all – local business owners and residents!!

So come along, let it know who you are, what service you provide (business owners) or what you like/want to see improved in your area.

There will be community announcements and also an item on Road Junction Safety through proposed double yellow lines and more!!

So get involved in the discussion about Business in Dulwich at the Dulwich community council on Wednesday 1 February from 7pm.


New Recycling Bins for Turney Road

Lambeth council is introducing green wheelie bins for recycling, to replace the current clear recycling sack service. The new green recycling wheelie bins will start to make an appearance on Monday 16 January, and the delivery is scheduled to take approximately six weeks. 

In the Southwark end of the Road, Southwark Council has provided BLUE wheelie for recycling for some years.  We welcome the bins but hope that this is not another confusing difference in waste collection between neighbouring boroughs: the Southwark GREEN bin is for NON-recyclables.  Just yards away in Lambeth, in the same road, GREEN is FOR recyclables!

Lambeth Council is holding a briefing for Street Champions at 6pm on Tuesday 10 January.  Perhaps the Street Champions can ask about this.

Turney Rd Gas Main Upgrade completed

The Gas Mains replacement works in Turney Road have been completed earlier than expected.

It was intended to replace the metallic main and services with a polyethylene (PE) pipe system along the whole stretch of the road.  We were warned by SGN and its contractors r&b that these would be major works likely  to impact on our environment.

They promised to keep inconvenience to the minimum using ‘non-dig’ techniques.  It appears that these techniques of under-surface survey then revealed to their surprise that much of the road already has PE piping and that the old metallic main was only at the ends of the road.

As residents will have seen, the works were conducted on the north-side pavement where the Mains lie, and the excavations were quite small and mostly at the road ends.  This led to some confusion as we were expecting more extensive workings as residents were individually advised that new connections into their homes would be made.  This is now not necessary.

Where new PE piping has been installed, new connections have been made to adjoining homes.  In most of the road the connections remain undisturbed.