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Front gardens in ugly Turney Road

Front garden layouts are a bugbear of Turney Road – ugly with so many unsightly car parks standing brutally in front of our fine Edwardian houses.

However with the influx of new residents paying high prices for their homes and investing even more into them, there has been a welcome increased resident acknowledgement that frontages are detracting from their homes and from the street.

In response the Scheme of Management has provided an example front garden layout for the houses in Turney Road, that are unable to comply with the Scheme of Management Guidelines for Hardstandings due to the small size of the front garden.  The example drawing is below and more information is on its website.  They form the basis of the Manager’s approach to an application to redesign a front garden.  Any queries should be referred to Nina Rees at the Scheme of Management office.


Where residents intend to park a car on a forecourt they will need to apply to Southwark Council for permission to create a new entry into the highway – from the forecourt into the road.  The Council can give approval under planning and highways legislation to create a new kerb crossover onto the road.  The crossover is recognised by its ‘dropped’ kerb edge.

3 replies on “Front gardens in ugly Turney Road”

I agree that more could be done to make Turney Road’s front gardens attractive with more planting. However, I don’t think describing Turney Road as ugly and using a photo of one of our neighbour’s unfinished front gardens to illustrate this in an anonymously written post (“zen148812”) is particularly neighbourly behaviour from our resident’s association. Cheers, Joe (not my front garden by the way!)

You’re right about the picture. It was clumsily used. It was meant to show how a well designed garden can be done and make a good use of space . This one after two years is really very attractive . At the time, we featured the gardener who designed and built this garden and he wrote about how to do it.

I should have shown one of the car parks and that would illustrate the headline better. They surely are ugly. The Estate has had Turney Road as a priority road for forecourt improvement for some years. It does place requirements on householders who are carrying out improvements but they often carry out the extensions and don’t do the front garden bit and the Estate does not enforce its conditions.

Yes, it was a badly used photo but Turney Road used to be beautiful and now … well I don’t think it compares well to many of the roads in Dulwich in the way it used to. How about some incentives for people to return their whole front garden to the beautiful space it used to be? Maybe the Dulwich Estate could get involved in incentivising residents to reclaim their gardens, in partnership with other local stakeholders.

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