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How will residents of Dulwich vote?

Southwark Council’s ‘Our Healthy Streets’ proposals to exclude through-traffic from some Dulwich streets have grabbed our attentions and there is furious debate taking place.

Early signals are that Burbage and the Village residents are feeling strongly for closure of their roads.  Meanwhile Turney residents appear to be more passive and favour no change.

The changes on the north side of the village appear to be supported by residents there as these were worked up from a previous engagement process.  So we might assume that the junction at Carlton and Court Lane will be closed and that Townley will be a School Street.

So…….The Council is suggesting that traffic is not allowed northbound on Dulwich Village from the roundabout at the top of Burbage with College and Gallery Road.  If Turney were shut eastbound in the mornings at the junction with Burbage traffic would be allowed to go northbound on Dulwich Village at the roundabout at the top of Burbage to the East Dulwich Grove lights. This would be the route to East Dulwich but there would not be long queues through the Village or along Carlton Avenue and Court Lane.

If the above happens and there is no eastbound closure the only way through the village will be Turney and this would seem to mean more traffic for Turney.  At the lights in the village the traffic will turn left out of Turney along Dulwich Village, as Southwark for a couple of reasons cannot allow a timed no left turn at the lights.

Southwark are being asked to reduce the levels of pollution certainly near schools so with that pressure and from the early views of residents it appears there will be changes.

So how will Turney residents respond?

3 replies on “How will residents of Dulwich vote?”

Close Turney at Croxted. Permeable closure allowing bikes only with key for emergency vehicles. That is how this Turney resident responds.
I also believe there are many Turney residents who are not passive. I have spoken to a number of Turney householders who would support the same action.

Fully support closure of Turney at Croxted – but I admit that I am concerned that this may be too drastic for the council to consider (so should we also have a second option? eg one-way on Turney?/No Entry from the village into Burbage Road).

In any case, I think we need to be much more active/inclusive … On Melbourne Grove, residents have already produced their own leaflet to explain how exactly the proposed changes will affect traffic levels on the road and been door-to-door to raise awareness among residents to explain the changes.

I’ve spoken to several neighbours in the past week or so, who did not know anything about this. Raising awarness now (as this excellent article has done – but also with a meeting/door knocking) is important.

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