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Update on Burbage and Turney Roads Traffic

Burbage Road Traffic Committee
Update bulletin – 13/10/2020

We have recently been advised of the following additional information from Southwark.

“It is recommended that a bus and cycle gate with a northbound camera access restriction is installed at the junction of College Road roundabout and Burbage Road” The bus and cycle gate will be enforceable Monday to Friday from 8 –10 am and 3 – 6 pm. The restrictions will include exemptions for emergency services, taxis, refuse vehicles and pedal-cycles.

This advice is in addition to the earlier decision to place two cameras at the Burbage Turney Crossroads to restrict traffic travelling eastbound on Turney and northbound on Burbage Monday to Friday from 8 –10 am and 3 – 6 pm.
We currently expect these Crossroad cameras to be installed at the end of October.

However, the new camera at the village roundabout referred to above was actually installed last week.  

(Please note: We understand that there will be a short grace period to get everyone familiar with these new arrangements before fines are levied.) 

The BRRA Road committee has recently met with Councillors over a two day period (morning and afternoon) to monitor the traffic at the Burbage – Turney crossroads.

We repeated our belief that the timings of the road closure should be more in harmony with the actual traffic rhythms of the road i.e 07:30 – 09:00 and 15.30 to 18.30 hrs, and that Residents should be able to return to their homes unhindered during the times of these restrictions with some sort of permit.

On timings It was clear from discussions with councillors that they want to let the new changes bed in to see how behaviours may change. They were hopeful that the new and yet to be installed right-hand filter from the Village into East Dulwich Grove coupled with the anticipated finish of the Bridgeworks in Herne Hill (mid-Jan 2021), would both reduce the traffic flows considerably in our road.

Whilst Council traffic readings are expected shortly for the month of September, the next accessible set comes three months later in December, so we do not expect to have these before next January which will then, of course, include the effects of the cameras. Sadly we understand that the Council cannot afford access to the monitoring figures more frequently than this.

Councillors acknowledged the need for permits, but tell us that they have to be linked to Controlled Parking Zones CPZ’s. We are aware that One Dulwich is trying to find working London based boroughs that have Permit schemes which are not based on CPZ’s so as to accelerate the Permit issuing process.  We think the reality is that we will be in for quite a long wait before this issue is in any way resolved.

The Council’s traffic management proposal is subject to Experimental Traffic Management Order (ETMO). As such consultation and feedback will be considered during the period of the order and a decision made on whether the order is to be made permanent, amended or rescinded after a period, normally six to twelve months. The maximum time an experimental order can be in place is eighteen months.    

We will continue to push for improvements to the scheme on your behalf and the first six-month review of the scheme as a whole will fall shortly before Christmas. As the figures for the December traffic will not be made available until January, and the Herne Hill railway bridge repairs not completed before mid-January, we can’t see any longer-term decisions being made before then. We hope this helps keep you up to date with how things appear to be, but nothing is certain.

9 replies on “Update on Burbage and Turney Roads Traffic”

Hi, good post. In addition to the Herne Hill bridge repairs, Lambeth Council must also remove the barriers at the Herne Hill junction which narrow the carriageways to widen pavements. These were put in place in May before the bridge repairs started. The traffic chaos and long queues started when the carriageways were narrowed to one lane only. Unless those barriers are removed we will be stuck with traffic chaos. The Dulwich Village ward councillors have agreed to speak to their Lambeth counterparts in January.

Are the signs restricting traffic in Burbage road and college road in force. The signs have just appeared and no one knows if they are actually being enforced???

I am a delivery driver and this this my every day working route six days a week I find it very difficult to get parcels to customers especially those with 9:00 food deliveries

I live in Lee where there is a permanent traffic control measure in place to discourage three residential roads being used as a rat-runs and it works really well. It works well because there is clear, permanent signage and because there is hard infrastructure to create a one-way street.
This half-hearted closure or Turney Road is clearly not working. Because:
• The signage moves – if the road is closed, close it! Why are there no barriers?
• The signage is too high up to see from my car.
• It is moving traffic into Dulwich Village.
• The diversion away from this road onto Half Moon Lane to come back into Turney from the other end, takes you past three schools to avoid this one school .
• No one has bothered to tell residents of other areas. There is a public, community venue on this road. Visitors should have been informed. Instead newbies are doing U-turns on Burbage Road when they find out.
While I totally agree with the plan, it’s not being executed well at all.
I am a cycling instructor at the velodrome and have only just heard about this “closure” in the last couple of weeks. I’ve never owned a car recently bought 1 because of lockdown and because I’m getting too old to cycle very long distances to work. I have the tiny car that it the most environmentally friendly, low petrol, low noise I could find.
I wonder if perhaps the people of Dulwich should downsize to smaller cars and give us all a bit more room on the pavements and the roads 😉

Agree with all the above, I cycle more than I drive and I’m one of the people who got fined because I simply didn’t notice the new sign in Burbage Road early enough. As you drive you have to watch out for passing cyclists, kids crossing the road etc. and read your sign at the same time, with 3 lines of information on it and figure out whether you are one minute early or late to drive through. It just doesn’t work. I also noticed when I cycle that drivers got more aggressive towards cyclists in general. More honking and shouting. These measures are very heavy-handed and divisive.

Hi there

It’s Christmas day and I live on my own and was just visiting my sister for a walk. I didn’t notice the sign on Turney Road to say that cars aren’t meant to pass through before 10am. I went through at 9.50am. Last time I drove here, it was fine.

Will I get a ticket on Christmas day? I really hope not.

Hi there

It’s Christmas day and I live on my own and was just visiting my sister for a walk. I didn’t notice the sign on Turney Road to say that cars aren’t meant to pass through before 10am. I went through at 9.50am. Last time I drove here, it was fine.

Will I get a ticket on Christmas day? I really hope not.

If only all council activities were as swift and efficient as the persecution of motorists! Where do they think the traffic will go? As the delivery driver above mentioned, some of us actually need the roads so we can work. The covid excuse is just pathetic, it sounds like you’re more likely to catch it from a runner or cafe customer than from a car driver.

This morning I witnessed a large number of incredibly irresponsible drivers. Lots of vans but same number of SUV’s which were racing against the clock to get out of the restricted aera before 8 am to avoid the fines.
Such a disgrace to try to make the area quieter and safer and at the same time increasing the number of speeding cars and “almost” accidents at the same time. What is the point? Escaping a £65 fine but risking the life of pedestrians and cyclists is so selfish and arrogant.

I agree, if London residents could just get along with smaller and more environmentally friendly cars this discussion would not be here at this point. Services as deliveries and workmen access needs to be supported, but again ideally in an environmentally friendly way.

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