Turney Road and Burbage Road are adjoining streets in Dulwich Village London SE21 & 24.  We each have a long-standing residents association which work together to improve our quality of life.  This is our website.


Southern Railway Emergency timetable at http://www.southernrailway.com/your-journey/revised-timetable   Read Helen Hayes MP’s letter to the Rail Minister on the new Southern timetable. http://www.helenhayes.org.uk/southern_railway_emergency_timetable

LATEST: The much debated Quietway route through Dulwich was further discussed at the Dulwich Community Council on 22 June. After representations from local residents, groups and local MP Helen Hayes, Dulwich councillors recommended a pause in the process while key issues were properly considered.  They asked for no further action on the current proposals until the results are available for a study into alternative routes for the school coaches, which all currently use part of the proposed Quietway route.    Local councillors suggested a trial of the change of priority at the junction in Dulwich Village and the reduction of three lanes to two on Court Lane/Calton Avenue.     The final decision on plans for the Quietway rests with the new Southwark cabinet member for Public Realm, Councillor Ian Wingfield, who assured the Dulwich Community Council that he knew the area well and was in listening mode.

The plans for new double yellow lines will proceed subject to a statutory 21 day consultation when residents can make objections to the plans. Notices will be posted at junctions affected and on the Southwark web site. If you have already made an objection to the double yellow lines at junctions on Turney Road, you should write again to the officer listed on the statutory notice – THIS IS IMPORTANT to ensure your objections count. No work will start on the yellow lines until the statutory consultation reports back to the DCC when a decision will be made on individual junctions.  The Turney junctions affected are Roseway (both ends), Aysgarth and Pickwick.

More about this and many other issues is in the  Dulwich Society eNews #33 June 2016 eNewsletter33-1.  Do join the Dulwich Society to find out more about where we live, our children go to school, its history and future. 

The Estate has announced that the S G Smith garage site at Gilkes Crescent in the Village has been sold to South East developers McCullochs who will now take forward the plans for new houses on the site.

Fuller’s say the Half Moon Pub will reopen in early 2017, more here….

What’s the background on the Judith Kerr Primary School open space controversy?   More details…

Edward Alleyn Club and the Dulwich Sports Ground (Southwark Community Sports Trust) –   Access to the fields is at the discretion of the clubs and IT IS MOST IMPORTANT THAT THE GUIDELINES FOR USE OF THE CLUB FIELDS ARE COMPLIED WITHThey are set out in full on the Sports Club Page.    PLEASE DO NOT PLAY GOLF ON THESE GROUNDS.   The Code of Conduct for the Herne Hill Velodrome is here

Sainsbury’s is not coming to Dulwich Village after all. Shepherd’s continues to trade at 88 Dulwich Village until further notice. They are seeking another tenant.

CCTV – following recent spate of break-ins in shops in Dulwich Village two CCTV cameras have been installed, one outside Gail’s and one opposite Jigsaw.

Dulwich and Herne Hill Safe Routes to School – read more about the activities of this important local group at http://dulwichsaferoutes.blogspot.co.uk/    Parents will be interested in the School Routes map when planning a safe walking or cycling route to your local school.  For more details on safe crossing points and cut throughs, see Dulwich Safe Routes Map   And many congratulations to Safe Routes who have just been awarded a Southwark Civic Award for their work.

Pub bookThere is a new book on the Pubs of Dulwich and Herne Hill pictured left.   Copies (£9.50) can be obtained on application to the chair of the Dulwich Society (chairman@dulwichsociety.com) or via Herne Hill Society Bookstall

Read about the Carnegie Library campaign more here

Interested in becoming a local charity trustee?   See the latest roles on offer here….

The Crown and Greyhound is expected to re-open AS A PUB in November 2016. No details of reopening date as a hotel yet.

Read about the new wine bar in Herne Hill “The Wine Parlour” Statement from the Dulwich Estate and Hix & Bucks

Work has started on building the new Herne Hill Velodrome Pavilion.  It is due to be completed in early 2017.  Contractors have been asked to avoid HGV deliveries to the site during school peak hours.

The Village Ward Police hold monthly public surgeries on Saturdays between 1300 and 1500 hours 9th July, 17th September, 22nd October and 26th November – at the St Barnabas Parish Hall on Dulwich Village.  The police will be available to discuss any non-urgent local matters that are concerning residents.  Call PC Stephen Bush on 07920 233913 for more information.  

“Just Williams” Toyshop closed down.  Read about the controversies over Herne Hill commercial landlords and large rent increases here…   

Accountants, Bookkeepers – can you help the Herne Hill Velodrome Trust? Role is remunerated.  More details….

Interested in the future of the Dulwich Hamlet Football Club and the Champion Hill site? Potential controversy over building on Metropolitan Open Land.  More details…

The TfL Bakerloo Line Extension Report has been published.  The report indicates that a route to Lewisham, via the Old Kent Road & New Cross Gate, currently has the strongest case, with the potential to support approximately 25,000 homes. The assessment also found that, by terminating at Lewisham, an extension could be delivered by 2030.  TfL will therefore no longer investigate the other option via Camberwell and Peckham Rye.  There will be a further public consultation before a final decision is made.

The conversion of Holmhurst at 46 Half Moon Lane at the end of Burbage Road to a residential facility for adults with severe learning disability will begin in 2016. Ten flats, together with supporting communal catering and social facilities, will be created and 10-13 men will move in gradually with the aim of reaching full occupation by August next year.  Read more.

Southwark planning have approved the S G Smith application.  The development site has been sold on and there is no confirmed date for start of the work.  Further information will be published as we receive it.  

The Charter School East Dulwich will be built on the Dulwich Hospital site along with a new Southwark GP service and health hub but the school, opening in September 2016, will be housed in temporary premises elsewhere in the borough until the new school building is ready.

Reading this and not from Turney and Burbage Roads?  Ever wondered how to set up a residents’ association?   Have a look here….

Ever wondered about the route of the River Effra?  New maps added  More info

Southwark Council Cabinet has approved the Cycling Strategy. Southwark Spine approved from St George’s Circus to Dulwich Library (Landells Road).

Club Manager at the Edward Alleyn Club, Sholto Moroney, more here…

The Flood Alleviation Works are officially complete .  Take a stroll in Belair Park and see the new layout.  It’s beautiful there now.  See the lovely new children’s playground in Dulwich Park.

Southwark Council Site Walk-through with Turney Road Residents’ Association, February 2015, discussion paper and minutes are here…

For details of our Lambeth and Southwark councillors, see here… and here …  Contact details for our Village and Thurlow Park councillors are here…  

Depave your front drive – Lost Effra Project is seeking volunteers from residents in Dulwich and Herne Hill more…

Lots of new wood burning stoves are being installed.  Read about their effect on air quality.

Our Local Policing:  Details of how our streets are policed are at http://content.met.police.uk/Team/Southwark/Village

The Greening of Turney and Burbage – see what gardener Matt Biggs has to say here…

Want to book a meeting room in Dulwich?   See our list here…

Don’t wait too long at local bus stops. Find out more here…

In response to residents’ questions, we have carried out some research on speed humps!  Here is a selection of information we have found about humps, incl sinusoidal humps.

Southwark Council
You can create your own portal on the Southwark Council website by registering at www.southwark.gov.uk/mysouthwark.    This will enable you to keep up to date with a variety of useful, relevant information for you and your household e.g. you can view the latest list of planning applications and decisions closest to you, recycling and refuse bin collection dates, recycling centres and local facilities.



There is a Turney & Burbage Road twitter feed on which we post news and notices.   Follow us by clicking on the link on the right ->->->->

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