New Sculpture for Dulwich Park

February 2012   
Southwark Council shortlists artists for commission of the Dulwich Park artwork.  The commissioning process for the new sculpture for Dulwich Park has gained momentum with the announcement of the four shortlisted artists.Recent winner of the prestigious Zurich Art Prize, Ryan Gander; Turner Prize nominee in 2003, Anya Galaccio; Conrad Shawcross whose work “Metamorphosis: Titian 2012” was commissioned as part of the Cultural Olympiad’s London 2012 Festival; and internationally acclaimed Eva Rothschild have been selected.

Following the theft of the Barbara Hepworth sculpture from Dulwich Park in 2011, a steering group made up of Southwark Council representatives and members of Dulwich community groups was set up to oversee the commission of a new artwork for the park. The steering group have been working alongside the Contemporary Art Society, who were appointed last year to manage the artist commissioning process.

The selected artists now have a period of three months to develop their design proposal. Following this, a public consultation will be held in June 2013 to gauge opinion on each of the art work proposals. Details of the locations for public consultations will be made available in April.

Each artist will be judged on their ability to meet the commissioning principles agreed by both the steering group and the Contemporary Art Society ahead of the public consultation.

Commissioning principles:

Responsive to Context

The commission process for Dulwich Park should allow time for artists to engage with the Park, its history, its landscape and the communities who enjoy it. Setting an inspiring brief for the commission that encourages the artist to interpret the context sets the scene for a remarkable and responsive commission to emerge.

2. Providing an Experience of the Park

There is an opportunity to develop an artwork that provides new ways of appreciating the park – and that engages audiences dynamically.

3. A Legacy for Hepworth

The commission ultimately should represent the highest quality contemporary art, achieved by working with professional and critically endorsed artists and valuing the creative response.

4. Best Practice

As a public project it is important that the process reflects best practice commissioning guidelines. The commission should be delivered through transparent and accountable procurement processes, reflecting the necessity for a robust and sustainable artwork, managed to a high standard throughout and communicated via sensitive public engagement.

For more information please contact Rebecca Towers at Southwark Council at  rebecca.towers or call 0207 525 000

Herne Hill Velodrome Planning Consent granted

On Tuesday evening the Southwark Planning Committee approved plans to construct an Inner Track and Multi Use games Area (MUGA) and floodlighting at the Herne Hill Velodrome.

Construction will begin on these very soon with a view to completing them by the annual Good Friday Race Meeting when the cycling season kicks off.

The inner track and MUGA are designed to be used for weekday activities for schoolchildren.  The lighting will enable the track to be used for winter weekday training up until 9pm (with no Derny bike or PA systems used during these extended hours).  Other cycling activities will continue as at present throughout the year.

Residents have not been able to see a local example of the floodlighting and have expressed their disappointment at this to the trustees but planners have accepted a performance condition which will ensure that the light spillage meets the strict requirements set.

BRRA and TRRA were represented by Tyrrell Evans, Sue Badman and Louise Wood who expressed our pleasure that the site is being developed for cycling use by local community representatives and our intention to continue to develop the close and regular resident liaison with the HHVT through our Code of Conduct.

New primary Free School – September 2013

Judith Kerr Primary School Formal Consultation:

Invitation to participate
As you may be aware, our application to open a new primary Free School in the borough of Southwark in September 2013 has been approved by the Secretary of State.

The school, which will be known as Judith Kerr Primary School, will be a two form entry primary school teaching children aged 4-11 in English and German.

Before signing our Funding Agreement with the Secretary of State to open the school, we are required to undertake a formal consultation exercise. We would like to hear your views regarding our proposed vision and ethos,curriculum, site and admissions criteria. We can consider all feedback provided on or before 8 February 2013, when phase one closes.

Once we have received your feedback and have had an opportunity to respond to it, we will consult on whether we should enter into a Funding Agreement with the Secretary of State. We would welcome your views on this between 15 February and 1 March 2013.

I have attached a copy of our consultation leaflet with this letter.

An electronic version of our consultation questionnaire can be found at All feedback should be provided via the website.

We will be hosting two consultation events, open to the general public on Saturday 19th January and Saturday 2nd February in South London, please do come along and meet the team. For further details, please see our website.

Thank you.

With best wishes

Carrie Priest – CfBT Free School Project Manager


CfBT Education Trust is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee. Registered in England and Wales. Company No. 867944. Charity No. 270901. Registered Office: 60 Queens Road, Reading, RG1 4BS, United Kingdom.

Other UK companies in the CfBT Education Trust Group which are active are:

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Belair Park Ecology Project

This is Belair Park’s initial outline of their ecology project, delineating area and explaining what we have tried to achieve through this community project. It has evolved through several Southwark regimes, each of which has had a different emphasis in the way in which it has responded to the project.
The general form of the area has evolved into that outlined here, but specifics are open to discussion.
Martin Heath, Chair, Friends of Belair Park

Newsletter for Dulwich events, etc

Please see attached newsletter for Dulwich. The newsletter is designed to give information about events and activities for those who live and work in Dulwich.

If you have events or articles of local interest to Dulwich, that you would like included (non commercial), please send to me as far in advance as possible (i.e. 4 – 6 weeks), preferably as a short piece of text and a picture or image.

Dulwich CC Newsletter Jan13
Fitzroy Lewis
Correspondence Address:
Community Council Development Officer for Dulwich| Southwark Council│
Housing & Community Services Dept.│Community Engagement Division│P.O. Box 64529 │London SE1 5LX

Next Dulwich Community Council 30 January

The next Dulwich Community Council will discuss how to ensure more involvement in planning decisions

The next meeting takes place at 7pm on Wednesday, 30th January at Christ Church, 263 Barry Road, Dulwich, SE22 0JT. Details are in the attached newsletter which also contains many other items of local news. The main subject for the DCC, appropriately enough,  will be how we can ensure widespread engagement in the planning process.Dulwich CC Newsletter Jan13

Burbage Road Resurfacing in February – reasons,costs & how

The Burbage resurfacing is programmed to take place between the 11th and 14th February, subject to good weather and unforeseen events [STOP PRESS: Now due to take place 11th – 21st February – see latest]

The Council have confirmed that this will take place in February and not in January, as mistakenly advised in their recent letters to residents. They have apologised for this error which was due to a mix up and will be writing to households to confirm this.  They have also apologised for the difficulty many of us have experienced contacting them for more information about the resurfacing.

In addition to the above letter, which Burbage residents will be receiving shortly, the Council’s contractor normally issues an additional notice/ letter to the specific section(s) of the road to be resurfaced. This notice is issued forty-eight  hours before the actual resurfacing works start on site and involves placing notices on vehicles parked along the carriageway to be resurfaced. The notice is reinforced by the presence of ‘No Parking/ No Waiting’ cones/signage (within the affected section only).

The primary purpose of the works is to resurface the entire length of the carriageway. However if any budget is left over this can be used for limited footway/ trip hazards rectification. BRRA and TRRA will continue to press for much needed improvements to our pavements through this and other means.

In response to our questions about the justification for the works the Council has responded that  all  significant highways/ transport projects in the borough are planned using an ‘objective evaluation and prioritisation ranking system’ which ‘ considers the council’s highways assets and optimises allocation of resources in order to maintain the condition of the asset at the acceptable standard’. The works budget for Burbage Road is £221,184, funded through the Non-principal roads Capital Investment Programme for the 2012/13 financial year. All works under the 2012/13 are to be completed by 31 March 2013. The Council’s overall highways/ transport programme is agreed annually by its Cabinet, including this scheme and its budget. Further information is provided on their website on the following pages:

The Council and their contractors will be writing with contact telephone numbers for those who need more information ( about provision for disabled and business residents, for example) but advise that we can  also use their switchboard for these or any other matters : 020 7525 5000.