Why is there such controversy over the Judith Kerr school site?

Parents in Herne Hill have launched a petition urging planners to protect a playing field at Judith Kerr Primary School (JKPS), 62-68 Half Moon Lane from being sold off for development by the Dulwich Estate.  The Dulwich Estate has recently announced it would like to build sheltered housing for older residents on the site.

State school JKPS leases its buildings and grounds from The Dulwich Estate, an education charity that counts Dulwich College, Alleyn’s and James Allen’s Girls’ School among its beneficiaries. However, not all the land at the site is leased by the school and the lease terms specify that the green space not leased by the school can be sold and developed into residential housing at any time, subject to planning permission from Southwark Council.

James Roberts, a spokesman for the parents’ Green Space Campaign, said the group was urging the council to change the status of the field to “Open Space” in order to protect it.

The New Southwark Plan preferred option is to designate JKPS green space to ‘Other Open Space’. The petition asked respondees to register support to ensure the designation of ‘Other Open Space’ is approved.    Southwark Council are not yet in a position to say what the final outcome is likely to be as the consultation has just closed.

In the meantime, the Dulwich Estate has said it has submitted representations to the council concerning the land at 62-68 Half Moon Lane for possible use as subsidised sheltered housing for elderly people.  It also plans a public consultation exercise.   See The Dulwich Estate Statement about the Almshouses

What are the issues with the lease?

Further background (courtesy of the Dulwich Estate June 2015):

“….The establishment of a school in this location was not under the control of nor encouraged by the Estate.

The CfBT Schools Trust took an assignment of the building lease from King’s College London in the clear knowledge that the remaining term of the lease was relatively short. The Estate was approached with a view to securing a longer tenure in order that the School could obtain the substantial funding required to convert the premises for use as a school from the Education Funding Agency.

The agreement between CfBT Schools Trust and the Estate was reached in order to accommodate the Trust’s aim of securing the future of the School in the longer term. The Trust was well aware that in consideration for this, the area of the site to be occupied by the School going forward would not be the whole site. The Trust chose to establish a school in this location on the basis of this agreement, i.e. that the Estate would take back part of the original site…”

The lease from The Dulwich Estate stipulates that JKPS is not allowed to object to planning permission.  Therefore the JKPS Green Space Campaign was established to prevent the school from losing the playing field on behalf of the school, its children and the local community. The lease further restricts the school, CfBT and the school’s governing body from opposing the planning application(s).



Published: 26 Feb 2016

The future of the Half Moon pub – in the balance?

After the euphoria about the Half Moon pub reopening following a closure of more than two and half years, it now seems its future is once again in the balance.

Fuller’s have submitted a planning application for a gastropub-style operation with a large kitchen and eating area taking over the internal parts of the pub formerly used as a music venue.  Local activists have been vigorously campaigning to get the music venue restored, and the planning application has attracted more than 200 comments, mostly objections, with a petition to save the music venue so far reaching more than 7000 signatures.   The pub has been designated as an Asset of Community Value (ACV) which campaigners see as a step towards saving the pub as a music venue for the community.

Now Fuller’s have made it clear that they don’t plan to run it as a music venue as they claim it is outside their field of expertise.  It is also clear that Fuller’s leasing the pub from the Dulwich Estate is dependent on getting planning consent for the restaurant and the deal will fall through if planning consent fails and/or they are required to provide a music venue inside the building which they are not interested in providing.  The Estate are challenging the ACV designation of the Half Moon Public House  as it “protects the use of the property as a public house only – it does not secure any part of the premises as a venue for live entertainment since this is ancillary to the primary use of property as a public house. The planning application by Fullers does not propose any change of use to the ground floor which will remain as a public house.”

Expect a battle royal between Fuller’s and the campaigners at the sub-planning committee hearing currently scheduled for 8th March.  If Fuller’s exit, local campaigners may look to take the pub into community ownership and run it as a music venue.

What would you like to see happen at the Half Moon?   Is the loss of a music venue a showstopper or would you be happy to see it reopen as a gastropub helping to increase footfall for local shops?

Further reading: Statement from the Dulwich Estate Half Moon Pub ACV designation

Fuller’s statement on the Half Moon Pub

Latest from Save the Half Moon campaign:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/savethehalfmoon/permalink/1290919570925650/

Sign the Petition to Save the Half Moon as a music venue

What changes does Sustrans suggest to turn our roads into a Quietway?

You can read the Sustrans Community Engagement Report at Sustrans Consultation Report

Sustrans spent several months meeting residents at workshops and meetings, and their conclusions regarding potential changes to Dulwich roads can be found in the report.

Most of the changes will be at the Dulwich Village junction.

What does this mean for Turney Road?

There are a number of potential changes proposed but nothing is yet set in stone, and there will be a formal consultation on potential changes in early 2016.  In the meantime, this is what we have gleaned from the Sustrans report.  There won’t be any painted or segregated cycle lanes but there could be:

  • closure of the Croxted Road end of Turney Road to non-resident motor traffic for  a) some of each day, or b)  all day;
  • removal of all or some of the pedestrian islands and their replacement by a smaller number of zebra crossings, without island refuges mid-way;
  • removal of white lines in the centre of the road;
  • reduction of ‘pinch points’ where they interrupt cyclists;
  • reduction of on-street parking;
  • a rule  (or at least encouragement) that all cars should be backed into front drives.

What do you think?  Please let us know via “Contact us”

Published SB 16/12/2015

Have your say on all the cycling changes in our area. 13th October at Kingswood House, and 4th Nov at Herne Hill Methodist Church, 6.30 – 8.30pm

Local residents have raised concerns about the quality and cumulative impact of transport consultations in the Dulwich area, and Southwark plan to address these issues through further engagement in the coming weeks.

Please find attached the Cycling in Dulwich workshop plan_Oct 2015 Cycling in Dulwich workshops flyer Summary of Transport and Public Realm Consultations in Dulwich_Oct 2015 in relation to the workshops, which will be taking place on Tuesday 13 October at Kingswood House and Wednesday 4 November at Herne Hill Methodist Church.  Cllr Darren Merrill, cabinet member for Environment and Public Realm will be attending both workshops.

Here are the Eventbrite links to book tickets:

https://cyclingindulwichworkshop1.eventbrite.com – Kingswood House

https://cyclingindulwichworkshop2.eventbrite.com  – Herne Hill Methodist Church


Published: SB 8/10/2015

Dulwich Village Junction – Possible redesigns – Photos of drawings for discussion

At the Sustrans Quietway workshop on Wednesday 23rd September 2015, Sustrans asked residents to have a look at four possible redesigns of the Dulwich Village junction with Turney Road, Calton Avenue and Court Lane. Here are photos of the designs displayed at the workshop taken by an attendee and local resident, and permitted by Sustrans.

The plans are marked in red as being for discussion only – these are not fixed ideas, the council and Sustrans are inviting responses.  Comments should be sent to londonfeedback@sustrans.org.uk by 1st October 2015 in the first instance.  There will be further opportunities to discuss proposals for the junction in due course.

Design 1
Design 1
Design 2
Design 2
Design 3
Design 3
Design 4
Design 4

Former Holmhurst (46 Half Moon Lane)

The conversion of Holmhurst at 46 Half Moon Lane at the end of Burbage Road to a residential facility for adults with severe learning disability will begin in January.  Ten flats, together with supporting communal catering and social facilities, will be created and 10-13 men will move in gradually with the aim of reaching full occupation by August next year.

The residents will mostly stay for 2- 8 years as they will be in transition to independent living and they will be supported round the clock by a team of professional staff. Residents will seek to live fully and, hopefully, also work within the community. The staffing has been carefully selected to support any needs arising from potential ‘ challenging behaviour’ (such as self neglect, self harm or aggression).

Staff and services will be drawn from our community where possible and changes to parking and the building exterior are expected to be minimal. There will be an open day arranged for neighbours to meet the team nearer the time.  In the meantime they are keen to hear from anyone who would like to work with or offer opportunities to those coming to live here.

More information, including details about the planning application and ‘frequently asked questions’ can be found at:

The transformation of Holmhurst is being managed by Optimacare in a four-way partnership with Southwark (who will provide the property service, including the £4m property which underpins the financial viability), Guys & St Thomas’ and The Maudsley who will both provide medical expertise.
The planning application in due course will include any potential changes to parking bays which may be relevant to the Safe Routes team.  BRRA is keeping an eye on this.
The move to small independently managed units is part of the reaction to the scandals of care homes for this group. The ages of the men (they will all be men) are 30-50 and they will all have a high level of support of 30/40 staff on rota for the 13 residents. This will be the first move out of an institution for the residents and the savings are envisaged to be about half of what it costs in full scale care homes.

Act now! Have your say on the proposed cycling Quietway through Dulwich. First Workshop 23 Sept 6.30 Dulwich Sports Ground, Turney Road

Whether we like it or not, a cycling Quietway is proposed for Dulwich Village.   The first Sustrans-led community engagement workshop is on Wednesday 23rd September 2015 6.30pm at the Dulwich Sports Ground (SCST) pavilion on Turney Road.  More details on this PDF file   HAVE YOUR SAY ON TURNEY QUIETWAY  or below

Quietway on Turney Road
                     Quietway on Turney Road

Have your say on the Quietways. Turney Road about to go through major changes.


Current Status (Nov 2015): Community engagement has completed.  Awaiting the Sustrans reports to Southwark and Lambeth and the next steps in consultation.

Southwark and Lambeth plan to route a Quietway through Dulwich Village down Green Dale, Calton Avenue, Turney Road and Rosendale Road.

They appointed Sustrans to conduct a community engagement exercise which started in July 2015 and completed in October 2015.

Residents participated in the following events:

Event: Three walkabouts at peak traffic in Dulwich taking in the section of route Q7 from Calton Ave – Rosendale Road. Discussion on issues and points to consider in the workshops with an optional pop up event focused on Lambeth interventions at the end.  17th September 2015

Event: Design development workshop – Discussions on possible interventions working in small groups, identifying preferred opportunities to calm traffic along Calton Ave / Dulwich Village Junction / Turney Road. 23rd and 26th September 2015

Event: Concept Design workshop – Narrowing down the options and coming to a consensus on one or two concept designs to be worked up further by Southwark Council for inclusion in the informal consultation. 3rd and 6th October 2015.

There were also events in Lambeth which completed in October 2015.

You can find out more about the Quietway in these documents:

Southwark Walkabout in Turney Road Feb 2015 Turney Road Site Walkthrough with the Residents’ Association

Turney Road Discussion Paper Feb 2015

Turney Road Plan 1 – Feb 2015

Turney Road Plan 2 – Feb 2015

Turney Road Map – Feb 2015

Southwark Cycling Strategy – Final Approved Version – Cycling Strategy

Turney Road Cycling Meeting 18 April 2015 – Turney Residents have their say

TRRA – Quietways Meeting 18 April 2015 – Powerpoint – Background info

COUNCIL CYCLING MEET – Dulwich Society meeting with Cllr Mark Williams May 2015

T & T Minutes 29 June 2015 – Dulwich Society Traffic & Transport Ctte with Sustrans

Note of meeting with Sustrans about the proposed Quietway down Turney Road 30 June 2015

Dulwich Quietway Flyer – on street popups July 2015

Dulwich survey results Infographic report from our survey results so far in Dulwich Village around the proposed Quietway route.August 2015

Dulwich Quietways Sustrans Q & A Quietway Questions & Answers August 2015

More information will be found here on this blog after Friday 28th August 2015: https://consultations.southwark.gov.uk/environment-leisure/quietway-in-dulwich

Meeting with Cabinet Member, Cllr Darren Merrill, Southwark Council – Minutes 19 August 2015

Our Turney Road flyer: https://turneyandburbage.files.wordpress.com/2015/09/quietways-21st-september-v2.png

There is also an interactive map on the Southwark web site to add comments about the Quietway http://www.sdgdigital.co.uk/sites/southwarkquietways/

Sustrans Community Engagement Report  for Southwark – November 2015



And here is the route:

Route of Quietway through Dulwich
Route of Quietway through Dulwich


    • Initial engagement with schools, parents and residents  – July 2015 – complete
    • Questionnaire to all residents in (wide) catchment area – Late August 2015 – complete
    • Pre-design workshops with maps & modelling tools,  and walkabouts – September – complete
    • Report on Southwark Sustrans Community Engagement – December 2015
    • Lambeth proposed designs – December 2015
    • Formal Design (with Southwark engineering input)  – January 2016
    • Consultation  on proposed options – Jan – Feb 2016
    • Report to DCC – March 2016
    • Final Approval (Cabinet Level) – April 2016
    • Implementation – Summer 2016

Published: Sue Badman, July 2015

Updated: Sue Badman 26/8/2015, 2/11/2015

Great Dulwich bake off at the Turney and Burbage Summer Party, Friday 19th

Why don’t you take part in the Turney and Burbage Great Dulwich Bake Off challenge?

All you have to do is bring as your contribution to the Summer Party your showstopper cake or dessert or tart or pie or biscuits.

Entries will be judged on their show stopping appeal and deliciousness.

Prizes will be given for the winning entries.


Small print

1               There is  no charge to enter the Great Dulwich Bake Off

2               Nothing ventured – nothing gained and you could win a fabulous prize and the envy of your neighbours.

3               The entries  must be delivered to the Bake Off table at the Party at -30pm   labelled with your  name and  contact details   ( and age if you wish to disclose this )

4               The entries will be judged by a panel of celebrity judges  and their decision  which is final  will be announced at 8pm

5               After judging  the entries will be  eaten by the party guests ( Yes! Us!)

6               Any  questions contact Linda Eales on  eales@lindaeales.orangehome.co.uk.


Gardens – Seed Swaps – Food Growing Workshops

Spring has brought out two initiatives at the Rosendale Allotment Association at the Lambeth end of Turney Road.  They are open to everyone whether you have an allotment or not and are a beginner or an expert.

The first is the opportunity to swap seeds and seedlings with other gardeners.  The first swap is on 11 April and full details are here:

Growing Lambeth-Seed Swap-WEB-1

Secondly, Food Growing Workshops start on 27 June with an introduction to organic gardening and the sessions continue in the summer.  Details here:

Growing Lambeth-Food Growing-WEB-1