Local retailers adapt to deliver local

These are some of the local businesses which will deliver or arrange collection for you.  Take a look at this list.  It’s gratifyingly long and can supply us with a wide range of things.  We must keep our local businesses afloat and they will support us through this stressful time.


Dulwich Village Independent Businesses take centre stage

Dulwich Village was long known for its healthy range of shops run by locals.  Some can still remember that the Village once had a much wider range of shops.  It was a destination for shoppers within Dulwich and beyond seeking a wide range of fresh food including fruit & vegetables and fresh meats.

Many such locally run shops have gone.  Only recently the last remaining grocer closed, causing great inconvenience to locals who depended on it. Higher and higher rents demanded by the Dulwich Estate landlord, attracted by high value tenants such as corporate chains and  estate agents, have made it hard for neighbourhood shops to continue.

In this environment, it is wonderful to see that our independent businesses are doing well and that they are strengthening by working together.  They depend on us shopping with them.

Enjoy this video about our Dulwich Village independent businesses.

Published on 25 Feb 2018

In this documentary I interviewed shop owners in Dulwich Village about the importance of independent businesses to the local area and what they liked about their local community. Part of a series of blogs promoting independent businesses in the London Borough of Southwark, Supported by Creation trust & Southwark Council. View the rest of the documentaries here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRgf… Shot and edited by myself. Researcher Will Akinnuoye. Special thanks to the contributors: Anne Halmer Hazel Broadfoot Brian Green Patrick Belton Keeley Turner Executive Produced By Patrischia Warmington. Music: Blue Dot Sessions – Town Market

Carol singing tonight in Burbage Road!

Please do come and join the Burbage Road carol singing tonight!

All ages and abilities welcome; singers, musicians and shepherds.

Dress warmly and festively!

Last year we raised £320 for St Christopher’s Hospice and this year we are proposing to collect for School Home Support. Their aim to is get children into school and ready to learn. http://www.schoolhomesupport.org.uk

School Home Support’s aim to is get children in school, ready to learn.  Education has the power to change lives and transform children’s futures, but every week thousands of our children miss out on their education through no fault of their own. Domestic violence, desperately poor housing, basic poverty and other complex issues all create barriers to learning for disadvantaged children.  Last year more than 104,000 children (10% of all pupils) in London were persistently absent from school – meaning they missed at least half a day of school each week. For many of them, it was much more than that. The picture is similar in South East London; 9% of pupils in Southwark were persistently absent and as many as 10.7% of pupils in Lewisham. The statistics are similar across Bromley, Croydon and Lambeth.  School-Home Support works in partnership with schools and with families to tackle pupil absence as well as pupil behaviour and engaging parents with their children’s learning.  By getting to the bottom of why a child is not attending school regularly, SHS can help break the cycle of underachievement and transform the lives of our most disadvantaged children.

We are planning to meet at 6.30pm at the Herne Hill end of the Road, and work our way up the road, finishing at 131 for a drink and a mince pie at around 7.30pm.  

If you’d like to join us, could you email charlesnewman@yahoo.co.uk so we get a feel for numbers and if you’d particularly like us to sing at your door, then please also let us know!
Merry Christmas!

Street Party – Friday 15th

This year we are holding a September Sundowner a great chance to catch up with neighbours on the terrace of the Edward Alleyn Club as the summer draws to an end. (Or maybe it will finally start? )
James Freeman, the Club Manager has been picking local blackberries to make homemade blackberry gin for the welcome cocktails. Micky the magician will be performing at 6.30pm for the youngsters and local legend, Amanda Greatorex will be at the turntables for a family disco as dusk falls.
Bring a light picnic or take advantage of the pay BBQ.
Tickets are being sold door to door currently. Please support us if you possibly can: £15 for family (extended family most welcome) or £10 for couples and £5 for singles.
Nelly’s Nursery have kindly funded children’s dance prizes and entertainment and Pedder Properties have also continued their support with the complimentary welcome cocktails. We’re really grateful to them both.

Half Moon – The Future – Reopening early 2017

Statement from Fuller’s – 8 June 2016


Update on The Half Moon, Herne Hill

As it’s been a while since we received planning, I thought it was time that I updated you all on what’s happening at The Half Moon in Herne Hill.

You might be wondering why we’ve not started work yet – so I thought it would be worth explaining where we are in the process. As The Half Moon is a Grade II* listed building, we had to apply for planning permission and listed buildings consent. We are now in the process of liaising with the planning authority to discharge conditions pertaining to this approval. This includes aspects such as how we are going to deal with any noise created by the venue, details of the joinery repairs we want to make and what bricks and roof tiles we want to use – in this case, we have to supply samples too, to make sure they fit with the listed building consent.

As you can imagine, this process takes a long time – and we are unlikely to be on site before August at the earliest. We are legally not allowed to start anything until we have successfully discharged all the conditions and the planning authority is 100% happy.
Once we do start, the build is going to take about four months. During that time, we also need to appoint a General Manager and start to hire a team to provide the exceptional level of service we offer in all our pubs. And, of course, we need to hire a Head Chef and a kitchen team.

As you may remember, we had hoped to be open in the autumn – but as the planning elements are taking so much longer than anticipated, realistically we won’t be open until early in 2017.

I know this is disappointing – for both the residents of Herne Hill and for us – but I hope you can understand that when you are dealing with a property that has as much history and heritage as The Half Moon, these things often take more time than expected.
I hope you will all bear with us – and I look forward to welcoming you all to The Half Moon in the new year.

Jonathon Swaine Managing Director – Fuller’s Inns


Fuller’s were granted an alcohol licence on 8th June 2016 by Southwark Council.  Full details including conditions are published on the Southwark Council Licensing Register.

The future of the Half Moon pub – in the balance?

After the euphoria about the Half Moon pub reopening following a closure of more than two and half years, it now seems its future is once again in the balance.

Fuller’s have submitted a planning application for a gastropub-style operation with a large kitchen and eating area taking over the internal parts of the pub formerly used as a music venue.  Local activists have been vigorously campaigning to get the music venue restored, and the planning application has attracted more than 200 comments, mostly objections, with a petition to save the music venue so far reaching more than 7000 signatures.   The pub has been designated as an Asset of Community Value (ACV) which campaigners see as a step towards saving the pub as a music venue for the community.

Now Fuller’s have made it clear that they don’t plan to run it as a music venue as they claim it is outside their field of expertise.  It is also clear that Fuller’s leasing the pub from the Dulwich Estate is dependent on getting planning consent for the restaurant and the deal will fall through if planning consent fails and/or they are required to provide a music venue inside the building which they are not interested in providing.  The Estate are challenging the ACV designation of the Half Moon Public House  as it “protects the use of the property as a public house only – it does not secure any part of the premises as a venue for live entertainment since this is ancillary to the primary use of property as a public house. The planning application by Fullers does not propose any change of use to the ground floor which will remain as a public house.”

Expect a battle royal between Fuller’s and the campaigners at the sub-planning committee hearing currently scheduled for 8th March.  If Fuller’s exit, local campaigners may look to take the pub into community ownership and run it as a music venue.

What would you like to see happen at the Half Moon?   Is the loss of a music venue a showstopper or would you be happy to see it reopen as a gastropub helping to increase footfall for local shops?

Further reading: Statement from the Dulwich Estate Half Moon Pub ACV designation

Fuller’s statement on the Half Moon Pub

Latest from Save the Half Moon campaign:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/savethehalfmoon/permalink/1290919570925650/

Sign the Petition to Save the Half Moon as a music venue

New Sainsbury’s Local coming to Dulwich Village in 2016 – new micro store to take the place of Shepherd’s


16/12/2015 Sainsbury’s Planning Application published at Southwark Sainsbury’s Planning Application

3/12/2015 Email received from David Mills at Sainsbury’s following letters from Village residents about the frontage, deliveries, competition with existing shops and handling of waste.

From: David Mills [mailto:David.Mills@sainsburys.co.uk]
Sent: Thursday, December 3, 2015 12:01 PM
To: Sue Badman

Subject: RE: Sainsbury’s: Dulwich Village

Sue, Marianne and Shirley

Thank you for your emails regarding our plans for a small convenience store at Dulwich Village.

The mailing went out to 500 households within a 0.5 mile radius of the local site and should have covered those roads.

I am investigating this with our mailing company and I am more than happy to share an electronic copy with you of our next letter.

As you know the shop is designed to meet the everyday top up shopping needs of local residents who live within walking distance of the store. The main offer of the store will be food and drink based, but we will offer a small selection of newspapers.

The limited range will be very different to other retailers and our experience has shown us that our smaller shops, located on local parades such as this, can bring benefits to other shops and businesses through increased footfall and investment.

We also understand that the site is in a conservation area and that there have been a number of views regarding the design of the store.

As a result we changed our proposals from our standard orange and plum branding to that of a heritage inspired design which is more muted.

I have attached a graphic which we will be sharing with the local community in the next week.  (See picture at the top of this web page).

I also note your reference to our convenience store at Lombard Street in the City of London, which you may be aware is subject to a number of restrictions.

We are keeping a number of similar features such as the dark projecting sign but have gone further. For example our Lombard Street store has a significant amount of internal and window vinyls, which we will not be applying at our Dulwich store.

It is important to us that our shops reflect our core visual identity which is Sainsbury’s orange.

We have listened and reduced the amount of orange in the design but do feel we have put forward plans which are respectful of Dulwich Village and also complimentary to existing businesses in the area. 

You also raise a number of points about waste at our Herne Hill store. We are aware of this and are working with the store and local retail team. With regards to our proposed Dulwich store all the waste and cages will be held in the back of the store and will be collected by our delivery vehicles.

It is in our interests to make sure there is easy access to our shops and that the surrounding area is free of clutter.

We will be submitting our plans for shopfront changes and adverts this week and will keep you updated as we progress.

In the meantime if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with myself.



David Mills | Head of Property Communications | 

david.mills@sainsburys.co.uk | 07900 709393

27/11/2015 Southwark have granted Sainsbury’s a premises licence to sell alcohol between the hours of 7am – 11pm.    At the licensing hearing, Sainsburys have confirmed that it is not their intention to operate on a 24 hour basis and all deliveries and collections will be made during operating hours, i.e. between 7 am and 11 pm, other than newspaper deliveries which will be made from 6.30 am. Sainsburys’ legal representative at the hearing took pains to stress how important community relations were for Sainsburys.   

Sainsbury’s managers briefed local residents and ward councillors about their plans to open a Sainsbury’s Local store in place of the existing Shepherd’s retail unit on the Dulwich Village shopping parade sometime after March 2016.  It will be a new-style micro store Sainsbury’s have been piloting in Holborn near their HQ, and allows for easy navigation and flow through the store, focusing on food and drink.  Sainsbury’s have applied for a premises licence to sell alcohol 7 days a week from 7am – 11pm, and will apply for a planning permission for a new fascia and if possible, a loading bay on Dulwich Village at specified times near their store (these applications are not yet available).

The new shop will not be open 24 x 7 as was first rumoured but hours will be in line with the rest of their local stores 7am – 11pm.

Further details are Dulwich Village_Presentation (October 2015)

New restaurant in Herne Hill Station Square – Fish & Wine, www.fishandwinerestaurant.co.uk 020 7274 0555 10% off food Mon/Tues evenings and lunchtimes

Exclusive offer for Turney and Burbage residents

10% off all food Monday and Tuesday evenings and lunchtimes.

Fish & Wine is a new restaurant in the heart of Herne Hill opposite Herne Hill Station that aims to serve delicious, excellent quality food in a relaxed environment.

Kevin, who founded Fish & Wine, has lived in the area for 20 years. He loves dining out and eating great food but realised that he was often travelling to other parts of London to find what he was looking for.

This inspired him to create Fish & Wine: a restaurant for locals where they can eat delicious, high quality food in a great environment with a friendly and professional service, without the need to travel far.

There are obviously a lot of fish and seafood dishes on the menu but their meat and vegetarian dishes are just as exciting. The chef’s main passion is Western European cuisine but he is also inspired by cooking from further afield including Asia and South America. This is reflected in his menu which features dishes ranging from sea bass ceviche to hake with clams and good old steak and chips.

Opening hours

Monday – Thursday 6:00pm-11:30pm

Friday – Sunday 12:00pm-4:00pm, 6:00pm-11:30pm

Website: www.fishandwinerestaurant.co.uk 020 7274 0555