Herne Hill Flood – One week on….. Half Moon Lane due to reopen 26th Aug

Just a week on, Herne Hill is getting back to normal but for 35 businesses it’s going to be a long haul.

An eagle-eyed resident spotted the water swelling through the concrete around midday on Tuesday 6th August.  He noticed the seepage was getting worse so he called Thames Water around 12.30pm who logged it as a repair to be done within 3 days.   The company agreed to dispatch an engineer within three days, but tragedy struck when the main burst less than 24 hours later at 5am on Wednesday 6th Aug.

For photos and news of the flood last week please see the post here…..

The Lambeth side of Herne Hill is open for business with Southwark bearing the brunt of the flood.   The ensuing flood affected 35 businesses and two residents.  Thames Water and Southwark Council have been working hard to restore services and help businesses and residents affected.

Daily Update on Half Moon Lane 13th August 2013
Daily Update on Half Moon Lane 14th August 2013 (S Badman)

The broken pipe has been replaced and work is in progress to repair the roadway and pavements, with estimates that Half Moon Lane will be reopened sometime next week.   Text “Halfmoon” to 80007 for updates from Thames Water.   Further details are on  http://www.southwark.gov.uk/news/article/1316/herne_hill_flooding-7_august_update  and http://www.thameswater.co.uk.

Herne Hill flood updates are being posted on this Facebook page:   https://www.facebook.com/groups/214873788669319/

Flood relief companies and loss adjusters are busy in Half Moon – here is the latest on the businesses (14th August 2013)

Sainsbury’s – Open

Intersport – Open

Pizza Express – expecting to reopen next week

Half Moon pub – being assessed.

McMillan Williams Solicitors – operating from a temporary office

Shah Kazemi Accountants – operating from a temporary office

BurnetWare estate agents are open for business

BurnetWare Estate Agents open for business 14 August 2013
BurnetWare Estate Agents open for business 14 August 2013 (S Badman)

Oliver Burn estate agents operating from Clapham Office

Pedders estate agents are operating from other offices

Half Moon Dental Practice – offering an emergency service via Haynes Dental http://www.halfmoondental.com/home%20page.html

Brockwell Pharmacy – open for dispensing

Oxfam Main Shop and Book Shop – both expected to reopen at the end of October.  “Bookmageddon in the cellar of the bookshop” says Gavin the manager

Hairdressers – open for business

Illusionist – no news but has lost irreplaceable items in the basement flood

Just Williams toys – operating from East Dulwich Branch

Kindred Bakery – open and selling bread, rolls, cakes, about 50% open they say

Bon Velo – hoping to open a workshop soon

Other shops are being cleared out for drying and refitting.

Questions are being asked as to why Thames Water was unable to check the flow pressure in the pipes when the problem was first logged.  We are seeking answers and will report back.

Update after public meeting with Thames Water on 14th August:

The burst main was a 36″ cast iron main installed in 1925.  The main broke and fell away downwards.  The pressure of water from the broken main washed away the soil and grit bursting through a hole into the road and carrying the soil debris with it as it flooded Herne Hill, hence all the dirt on the roads.   While Thames Water have a number of monitoring systems looking at the whole water system, it was not possible to identify centrally any serious flow problems at this point.  It would have required a visit to the site, and had the pipe not burst engineers would have attended with equipment to trace the leak.     The broken main has been sent to forensics to establish the cause of the breakage.

London Fire Brigade Silver Command were in charge on Wed 7th and handed over overall charge to Thames Water later on Wednesday.

The first priority was safety.  A lamppost collapsed and electricity had to be isolated.  A tree was also on top of where the ground had been washed away so the tree was removed.

TW also had to check the sewers had the capacity to take water pumped out of basements.   The basements were first checked to ensure no one had been trapped, and then the basements were pumped out. and water discharged into the gullies and main sewer.

Once the site was safe and environment under control, work started on replacing the pipe.  The new spun steel pipe has now been installed.

The reconnection of electricity has been quite an exercise which TW co-ordinated.  UK Power Networks reconnected the electricity; new meters and distribution boards had to be installed by the suppliers, followed by certification between the various parties.   Residents above the shops were the worst affected through loss of electrics, and they were put up in hotels by Thames Water.  The last properties to be reconnected were due to be done today.

Half Moon Lane will be fully open on Bank Holiday Monday 26th August with partial reopening from Herne Hill to Stradella earlier.

Report in Southwark News (Reena Kumar) www.southwarknews.co.uk 15th August 2013

A Thames Water spokesman said about reports that Thames Water was contacted about water seeping in the area of the burst “We get over 200 leaks reported to us every day across our network.  A call was taken on Tuesday (6th) lunchtime about a leak on the kerb that was going into a nearby drain.   We spend time talking to customers about leaks and this wasn’t causing any flooding or traffic problems so wasn’t thought to be severe.  We’re really sorry to affected customers and we are working hard to put things rights as quickly as possible.  Our main priority is to get people’s lives and businesses back to normal by bringing power back to the road and mending the broken pipe.”

Thames Water FAQ about claiming on insurance Thames Water FAQ  (posted 17 August 2013)

Successful charity fund raising through plant sales at 127 Turney Road

Green-fingered neighbours at 127 Turney Road have had several successful plant sales on their drive this summer in aid of charity.


They operated an honesty box system whereby passers-by simply took their chosen plant and left the money.


Priced between £4 and £1, their plants were mostly in bloom so that people knew what they are buying. They had pink and purple Geraniums, blue and white Campanulas, a Melancholy Thistle, white Pulmonarias, Sisyrinchiums and a variety of other small plants.


All the money raised goes to the St Bride’s Restoration Appeal.  They sold enough plants, through the generosity of neighbours, to reach a total of £365.20.


They are very grateful for this support.


Anthony Shoring at KFH discusses the local property market in Dulwich Village

This is the first of  a series of updates on the local property market. 

Anthony Shoring, Sales Manager at Kinleigh Folkard & Hayward’s Dulwich Village branch, discusses the local property market:

Anthony Shoring, Sales Manager, KFH
Anthony Shoring, Sales Manager, KFH

“The property market in Dulwich Village is performing phenomenally well at the moment. Prices have risen by approximately 10% in the past 12 months and as a result of a shortage of stock, those homes which are on the market are often attracting multiple bids with many achieving over and above asking price. It’s safe to say that as we enter the summer months, this level of activity will only intensify and in my opinion, now is a great time to sell.

“Both Turney and Burbage Roads are extremely sought after for a variety of reasons but chiefly because they back onto sports fields and green spaces while also falling under the catchment of many of the area’s best local schools. In addition, both sit within the heart of the village, with Dulwich Village road and its assortment of restaurants and amenities a few minutes’ walk away. As a result, the streets do tend to attract a premium of approximately 10 -12%.

“Since the start of the year, every property we’ve sold on either Turney or Burbage Road has achieved a record price and open days are very much the ‘trend du jour’ to ensure that all potential purchasers have an equal and fair opportunity to view. Downsizing to a smaller property within Dulwich Village has also become increasingly popular – with many of the homes on these streets offering in excess of 1,500sqft, they are often suited to larger families and so when all children have flown the nest, we see many of these enter the market again. Although Dulwich is known for its larger homes, there are opportunities for properties with between two and four bedrooms and the key here really is to allow a bit of time for these to be sourced. Streets such as Mitchell’s Place, Boxall Road and Aysgarth Road among others tend to be incredibly popular among downsizers who are keen to stay in the village, while those who don’t mind looking a little further afield usually enjoy West Dulwich’s similar village atmosphere and here streets such as Cokers Lane, Walkerscroft Mead and Acacia Grove to name a few will usually offer just the thing. Speaking to your agent in advance can often help the process, and increasingly we’re seeing that developers are now targeting areas in and around Dulwich and so we’re seeing more townhouses and luxury apartments on offer which can be ideal for a more ‘lock up and go’ lifestyle.

“With many of the properties in Dulwich priced at above £1million, there was concern when the recent stamp duty increases were announced, with many fearing a resulting effect on the local property market. This has generally failed to materialise however as the majority of homes are priced below the £2million threshold. Those above it tend to be priced quite a bit higher than 2million and so what it means is that there is a general lack of stock between the £2million to £2.25million price range.”


Missing much loved cat, Zippy (7/5/2013). Returned home August 2013

Sadly much loved local cat Zippy has been missing from his home in Turney for 8 days.  Zippy is a neutered tom tabby with white socks and answers to “Zip” or “Zippy”.  His photo is below.  If you come across him in your gardens or sheds, please contact 07504 282830.  Posted 7/5/2013

One of our many Turney cats
Missing Zippy – May 2013

Happily Zippy has now returned home.  He was was a bit bedraggled and torn after what must have been a great adventure, but otherwise well.

Flood Risk Management

As the local lead authority for flood management, Southwark Council has a statutory responsibility to manage the flood risk in our area.  They are working closely with Thames Water and local stakeholders to identify investment opportunities to reduce the likelihood of flooding, primarily for surface water flooding to which this area is prone.   The most notable recent surface water flooding event was in April 2004.

Southwark has also launched community engagement initiatives to reduce the impact of flooding, and TRRA and BRRA have agreed to formulate a pilot community flood plan for our immediate area to reduce the impact of surface flooding.  A small team is working on this with support and we anticipate funding from the Greater London Authority.    The community plan will be communicated via our new web site and if it is successful it will be a model for elsewhere in Southwark and London.

In the meantime there is a need for all of us to be vigilant about the flood risk especially at this time of year with leaf fall.   Please ensure gullies and drains outside your house are clear to avoid pools of water in the street in times of heavy rain – this last happened on Sunday 4th November am.  Avoid blocking drains with vehicle wheels.   After the 2004 flood, the council installed extra gullies in the road and the gullies are subject to regular maintenance.   If you have any concerns about the gullies or leaf clearance please contact the Southwark Environment helpline on 020 7525 2000  but during a rainstorm it is quickest for us to clear the gullies ourselves.

In order to maximise chances of funding for major alleviation projects, Thames Water and Southwark are collating evidence about the impacts of flooding events in Dulwich and would be very pleased to receive copies of photos and reports from residents about the impact of the 2004 flood or any subsequent household drainage investigations.  If you are able to help, please let us know.

The Streets Party

Image of a sparkly party hat

The 13th annual Turney & Burbage party took place in September and it didn’t rain!  We sold over 100 family tickets, not a bad proportion of all our residents, and everyone had a really great time. There were so many small children and young families and lots of new faces young and old.   A big ‘Thanks to Everyone‘ is attached from Louise. Party thanks

We have also reported on the party to the Council as it generously helped fund it.  You can read the report here: Dulwich Evaluation and monitoring form 2012- 13