Police advice to residents to increase security

Local police made a presentation to residents recently on how to maximie security.

The key police messages are:

–          the importance of house security – windows, doors, esp back entrances, gates, gardens and sheds, and the importance of robust locking mechanisms, ensuring all fences are in a good state of repair and additional measures such as additional height to fences to deter potential burglars.

There is lots of sensible advice accessible from this Met Police page:   http://content.met.police.uk/Site/crimepreventionbumblebee

–          They advised householders to inform neighbours if they are away over weekends and holidays, and pass on details of alarm keyholders and contact numbers.  If neighbours spot any unusual activity – e.g. intruders in the alleyways or gardens – to phone the police on 999 in an emergency or 101 at other times.  This is really important as perpetrators have been caught like this but also crimes missed because of reluctance to call the police.  Even if it seems trivial, the police want us to call.

–          Virtually all robberies in Southwark involve theft of mobile phones and police advise that we store the IMEI number at home or elsewhere as this number can be used to stop a stolen mobile phone from being used.  The easiest way to obtain your IMEI number is to dial *#06#    The number will come up instantly.

Slides from the police’s presentation are below.

Turney Road RA 13.09.12


Southwark Council meets with Residents’ Representatives to discuss the Junction of Burbage Road and Dulwich Village

 An onsite meeting was held on November 12th to review safety concerns at the Burbage Road and Dulwich Village junction.

A council team, led by Councillor Barrie Hargrove, met with residents’ representatives to discuss ongoing concerns regarding the junction’s safety. The meeting had a number of positive outcomes, not least a recognition that the present situation is completely unacceptable to residents. We hope that there will be concrete proposals to show to us shortly, but in the meantime we are very keen that details of all near misses and ‘minor’ accidents are passed on to council representatives, as these do not show in the official safety statistics. One such incident recently involved a lorry going the wrong way, entirely around the roundabout.  If you see or hear of any such incidents involving pedestrians, cyclists or vehicles please pass these on to me and copy them to Eamon Doran at Southwark Council, who will be collating them. eamon.doran@southwark.gov.uk

Exciting new gallery in the heart of Dulwich

You have all no doubt noticed that the former Oddbins shop in the Village is being occupied by an art gallery.  This is a “pop-up” arrangement till Christmas after which the shop will be fitted out for “Gail’s Artisan Bakery” which is due to open in March 2013.  Full details of the art gallery are in the attached Londonart press release. The work on show is for sale and new work will be displayed as the works get sold so do please visit the gallery on a regular basis during its tenure. Full details of Gail’s bakery can be found at  www.gailsbread.co.uk  and see the article in last week’s Evening Standard

Southwark Events

Southwark Council is providing money to devise and deliver events tailored for each part of the borough.   In the three Dulwich wards – Village, College Ward and East Dulwich a local steering group has been working with Southwark Events to come up with events specially for our area.  The first event will be the Christmas Cracker event in East Dulwich on 1st December.  Future “pop-up” events will take place in Dulwich Park and near Kingswood House in Spring 2013.  A larger scale event will take place in 2013 across Dulwich:  Southwark has received over 70 proposals for workshops and a final showcase arts event/festival.  The local steering group is assessing the proposals with a  view to identifying the successful bidders in the next few weeks.  More details will be issued in due course.

Recent Street Crime

A Turney Road resident was recently robbed and school children have been targeted for robbery in Burbage Road.

Sadly a Turney Road resident was robbed on 21st November at 6.40pm on Croxted Road, near the garage. The robber took her handbag and ran into the Peabody Estate. The police responded very quickly but the attacker was not caught. We have also heard about (but have no details about) a number of muggings of school children, which took place at the Herne Hill end of Burbage Road in November.

Local Meeting regarding Changes to Police Provision, Thameslink Suspension and Primary School Places

The Herne Hill Forum Public meeting on 5th December will address concerns regarding local policing changes, the proposed Thameslink service suspension and primary school places.

The Herne Hill Forum Public meeting takes place on Wednesday, 5th December from 6.55pm at the Herne Hill Baptist Church (at the Corner of Half Moon Lane and Winterbrook Road). The meeting provides residents with the opportunity to hear and lobby our senior police representatives about the planned changes to local police provision (the loss of a local Police station in East Dulwich and the lack of ‘ring fencing’ of provision, which means that our teams can be diverted to local crime hotspots). Chief Superintendent Sutherland will be attend for Southwark (and Superintendent McLaren for Lambeth) to address public concerns about the planned changes to our police teams.

The meeting will also be attended by Val Shawcross (London Assembly Member for Southwark and Lambeth) who will talk about the suspension of the Thameslink through service beyond Blackfriars, and by Councillor Jim Dickson, who will be updating us on responses to residents’ concerns about Primary School Places.

Flood Risk Management

As the local lead authority for flood management, Southwark Council has a statutory responsibility to manage the flood risk in our area.  They are working closely with Thames Water and local stakeholders to identify investment opportunities to reduce the likelihood of flooding, primarily for surface water flooding to which this area is prone.   The most notable recent surface water flooding event was in April 2004.

Southwark has also launched community engagement initiatives to reduce the impact of flooding, and TRRA and BRRA have agreed to formulate a pilot community flood plan for our immediate area to reduce the impact of surface flooding.  A small team is working on this with support and we anticipate funding from the Greater London Authority.    The community plan will be communicated via our new web site and if it is successful it will be a model for elsewhere in Southwark and London.

In the meantime there is a need for all of us to be vigilant about the flood risk especially at this time of year with leaf fall.   Please ensure gullies and drains outside your house are clear to avoid pools of water in the street in times of heavy rain – this last happened on Sunday 4th November am.  Avoid blocking drains with vehicle wheels.   After the 2004 flood, the council installed extra gullies in the road and the gullies are subject to regular maintenance.   If you have any concerns about the gullies or leaf clearance please contact the Southwark Environment helpline on 020 7525 2000  but during a rainstorm it is quickest for us to clear the gullies ourselves.

In order to maximise chances of funding for major alleviation projects, Thames Water and Southwark are collating evidence about the impacts of flooding events in Dulwich and would be very pleased to receive copies of photos and reports from residents about the impact of the 2004 flood or any subsequent household drainage investigations.  If you are able to help, please let us know.