Herne Hill Velodrome and Residents: Code of Conduct

The purpose of this Code is to set out some key guidelines to support the continuing good relationship between the management of the Herne Hill Velodrome and its neighbouring residents.

1.       Use of the site

The Herne Hill Velodrome will continue to be used for cycling and cycling related activities with an emphasis on youth and accessibility for all. Residents and their families are encouraged to become involved in this community run facility by becoming Friends of the Velodrome, by participating in the sessions run there for all ages and abilities and by joining in the special events run throughout the year.

 2.       Times of use

Normal outdoor activities are scheduled to take place between 8.30am and 9pm throughout the year (starting no earlier than 9am on Sundays). The Cycling Development Manager will aim to limit access to the site to after 7am on weekdays, 8am on Saturday and 8.30am on Sundays. He will also aim to ensure that the gates are closed by 9.30pm and the site is empty by 10pm with no vehicles accessing the site after this time.    Professional staff and participants are made aware by the management team of the need to respect the amenity of local residents by minimising noise and disturbance.

The majority of events take place during the cycling season (March to October) but training and youth activities continue throughout the year. The new junior track and MUGA will be used predominantly for young cyclists, those with disabilities and community groups during the weekdays. The new lighting will enable cycling to take place on the track during winter evenings but this will be less intensive than the summer and much more weather dependent.

3.       Major events

A small number of major cycling events (typically 5/6 but no more than 10) are held throughout the year and a schedule of these will be provided to residents organisations to circulate at the beginning of each year. These events are all cycling related and chosen to be compatible with the amenity of the local area. Temporary Events licenses will also be notified to residents as and when they are granted. Details of all activities are available on the website:


4.       Site Access

Participants, spectators, volunteers and staff are encouraged to travel to the Velodrome on foot, bicycle, bus or train. For visitors arriving by car, minimal parking facilities are available on site and on street parking on local roads is strongly discouraged, including the blocking of driveways. Staff, volunteers and notices on the Herne Hill Velodrome website reinforce this. The Cycling Development Manager will aim to enforce the speed limit on this road for vehicles and to limit use of the onsite parking spaces to situations of exceptional need.

5.       Noise management

The management of the Velodrome are aware of the need to minimise noise disturbance at all times but particularly in the evenings and at weekends.

Derny bikes (traditional motorised pacer bicycles) are generally used for special racing event days and Thursday evening racing in the summer. Derny bikes will not be used before 9am or after 9pm and will not be used under floodlight on winter evenings. These will not be used before 9am.

The Management Team will monitor to ensure:

  • 2 hours per work day (9am – 6pm), max 10 hours total out of 45 hours a week.
  • 4 hours per work day evenings (6pm – 9pm)   Max 4 hours total out of 15 hours a week
  • Weekend and Bank Holidays – 20 days out of all weekends in the year.  No time limit.

Regular use of the PA system is limited to Wednesday night and weekend/Bank Holiday racing in summer.  During special events sound systems may be brought in by the event organisers and the management will ensure that these are not used for continuous music and that announcements are appropriate and polite.

Any noise complaints should be made to the Herne Hill Velodrome Cycling Development Manager, in the first instance and thereafter with the Southwark Environmental Services 24 hour helpline: 020 7525 5777 asking for a reference number and sending a note of this to the residents’ representative of the Burbage Road Residents’ Association (see below). The level of complaints will be monitored at the regular liaison meetings to review the Code.

6.       Lighting

The track lighting will be turned off by 9pm in the evening and will not be used in the morning. It is recognised that this will occasionally be extended to 9.15pm to allow for the clearance of the track following training sessions. The Multi Use Games Area has no lighting and will be used during daylight hours only.

7.       Third party users

All of those conducting training sessions and events at the site are under the direct control of the management team. They are briefed in the general rules of safety and behaviour of the Velodrome. For special events a member of the management team is directly on hand to ensure that the same standards of behaviour apply.

8.       Security

The management team of the Velodrome is responsible for the security of the site. This includes the securing of the entrance to the site and taking reasonable steps to ensure that the site is completely cleared after use. People enter the site at their own risk. Residents who see any suspicious behaviour should contact the Herne Hill Velodrome Cycling Development Manager on the number below or, if concerned, the Police on 999.

 9.       Communication

Any concerns from residents can be communicated to:

The Herne Hill Cycling Development Manager, Iain Cook: mobile 07837757986 (week days only); email info@hernehillvelodrome.com

Or Phil Wright, HHVT Trustee on behalf of the Friends of the Velodrome on 07940 805 507


The contact point for residents is Simon White, Burbage Road Residents’ Association on 07958 546 577


10.   Residents’ conduct

Residents whose homes back on to the Velodrome are reminded that exiting directly on to the premises can be extremely dangerous if cyclists are passing on the Cyclo-Cross track. The dumping of rubbish, littering and any other antisocial behaviours are strictly prohibited for the safely and amenity of all users.

11th September, 2013

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