Review of the licence for The Hypnotic, Norwood Road SE24

Southwark Council is to review the licence for this club in Norwood Road.  details below

Notice of Application to Review a Premises Licence made under Sections 51 of the Licensing Act 2003

Please take notice that the Planning Department have made application to Southwark Council’s Licensing Unit to review the Premises Licence in respect of


Under grounds relating to the Licensing objective(s)

Prevention of crime and disorder                                   

Prevention of Public Nuisance  

A register of all applications made within the Southwark area is maintained by:

The Licensing Service, c/o Environmental Health and Trading Standards, Hub 2, Floor 3, 160 Tooley Street, London, SE1 2QH.



A record of this application may be inspected by appointment at the Licensing office.  Please telephone our Environmental Contact Centre on 020 7525 2000 for an appointment.

This application is to be considered by the Council’s Licensing Sub-Committee at a hearing scheduled to take place on 23 Sept 2013 at 10am at 160 Tooley Street SE1 5LX. It is open to any interested party to make representations about the likely effect of the application on the promotion of the licensing objectives.  Representations must be made in writing to the Licensing Service at the office address given above and must be received by the Service by 29/08/2013 at the latest.

Note: it is an offence to knowingly or recklessly to make a false statement in connection with an application.  A person guilty of such offence is liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding £5,000.



Date of application: 01/08/2013



Village road works – latest

I hope the situation is better for everyon.  Here is the latest email exchange:
On 2 Mar 2013, at 13:06, “Jansari, Himanshu” <> wrote:

Dear Councillor Robin,

Thanks for your e mail and raising concerns about beeping noise at East Dulwich Grove Jw Red Post Hill. I’d liaised with Peter Suggett (Contract Manager) and following measures were in place prior to resurfacing on last night:

    • All breaks out around iron work will be carried out using a w350 planer, to minimise noise and duration

    • All milling will be completed by mid night; we anticipate all works to be completed by mid night

  • All plant and transport will have white sound reversing aid

Please see below e-mail from Peter Flaherty confirming that work went very well last night (Saturday, 2nd March)

Majority (more than 90%) of work at junction completed on East Dulwich Grove/Red Post hill.

Also there was a water leakage at East Dulwich Grove Jw Dulwich Village since 27th Feb 2013. Though I reported to Thames Water numerous times, they haven’t resolved the leakage yet.

I would like to inform you that due to ongoing leakage issue at East Dulwich Grove Jw Dulwich Village that particular section has been left untreated. Remaining work will be carried out with Temp Traffic light to avoid further disruption to road users.

When Thames Water resolves water leakage then I’ll inform key stakeholders about resuming remaining section of work.

Hope it will alleviate all your concerns!!

Kind Regards,


Sent: 02 March 2013 11:20
To: Crookshank Hilton, Robin
Subject: Re: carriageway resurfacing

Dear Robin
Yes it was much better. Nobody  told me that anything was being done, but I was able to sleep last night. They also finished much earlier. The bleeping appeared to be much less than the previous two nights.

How was the noise last night?

Our Councillor wants to know about noise from the Village road works.  Send her a reply.
On 2 Mar 2013, at 11:02, “Crookshank Hilton, Robin” <> wrote:

Hi Himanshu… we’re still getting complaints about the beeping!

It’s Saturday morning as I type this, can someone let me know if last night was any better??

Cllr Robin Crookshank Hilton
Phone:- 020 8613 6046